Welcome back to Earth, guys.

So not too long ago, Kanye West created a twitter account and has been tweeting randomly and relentlessly ever since. While I'm not following him myself, people RT (retweet, to those of you who have yet to join Twitter nation) this guy into my timeline constantly, and I've also browsed his page. He's a slightly eccentric lil somethin' (I don't mean that as a bad thing), but overall, the verdict is:

He's just like everybody else.

I think it's both amazing and refreshing how these "stars" seem to settle to Earth the more they connect with their fans. The hype dies down so fast once folks read the "regular" tweets. Huge celebs like Kanye, Chris Brown, Pink, Souljaboy and Justin Bieber.. who all tweet about what they're doing in their everyday personal lives.. have all proved to be *GASP* .. just like us!!


I think this is a really good thing, though. I feel like people put "stars" on such a high pedestal, we tend to believe they're nonhuman.

"I thought Bow Wow only ate pure MAGIC!!!"

Sites like Twitter bring them down to Earth.. for the fans, of course. These folks knew they were human before they made a Twitter account.

They get mad just like we do, too. Who knew?

At the same time, this closer connection allows them to reach their fans in a way they couldn't before. Touch without touching. And reach a broader audience in a way they couldn't before. Show everybody, not just fans, WHO they are, truly.

Chris Brown: Monster?

What they do is simply a job, it isn't getting rich and living lavish. (Most) worked very hard for what they have. The fame just came with the program. And what's more, outside of work they just want to live their lives.. just like us. I think we've seperated these people from reality somehow. Just remember who these folks really are: human.

Break free, Bieber. Do the damn thing, kiddo.



  1. Really good post. I'm glad somebody else see celebrities the same way I look at em.


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