BET Awards = Illuminati??

I just came across this video on worldstarhiphop talking about the BET Award's connections with the Illuminati. It links artists like Kanye West, Drake, Ludacris, B.O.B., and even Monica and Yolanda Adams to the organization! Check it:

What do you think? Is it Illuminati or are these people just reaching??

Personally, I think most of the connections they have here are wayyy reaching. I also don't really believe in the Illuminati either. However, I like to play it safe by keeping my eyes and ears open and my guard up a little. I've seen some things personally in connection to this shit, so you never know..


  1. Most of it is reaching but the Illuminati is real.

  2. This what I was saying on twitter that night :"Why do they always have the same gospel singer every year for the #betawards... Right I'm the middle of a secular music #thedevil"

  3. eminems song is being mis portrayed by u.. he wants out of the illuminati i feel that u shud do more research, i did. LISTEN TO THE SONG MY DARLING MY EMINEM ON YOUTUBE OR WHEREEVER U CAN FIND THE SONG. that explains what i mean

    1. I heard the only way out was death, thats why u have to be careful what u sign up for.


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