Cancer from Eating the Box?! FOH

PLEASE.. every single DAY the news releases new ways that you can die. Every day my mom hits me up asking me not to do something or to start doing something because the news (or Oprah) says I could die otherwise. Now they tryna fuck us women up by scaring men out of going down? But male ejaculate is supposed to be healthy for you, right? Protein nshit. CLEARLY a man conducted both of these damn studies. SMH

Here's what I say, ladies & gents: LIVE LIFE!! As long as it's legal, do what the FUCK you wanna do! We all gotta go sometime, and God makes no mistakes. When it's our time, it's our time, and as long as you're living life the best way you know how there's no way God is gonna make it happen any sooner or later than it's supposed to happen.

*drops the mic*


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