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My Heart's Broken.. A Little Bit.

Still slightly disturbed due to a number of events that have transpired so far this summer.. coupled with these conflicting feelings I have about myself. This summer's been fun so far. I've spent a lot of time floating around Atlanta as part of the nightlife. Running amok and acting a damn fool with my friends. Drinking and dancing the night away. Good times. On the other hand, I find myself constantly being hit with these comments here and there based on how I've been spending my summer, and I just don't seem to understand. I've written blogs similar to this before but I guess because I drink and party I'm also automatically supposed to be a whore or groupie or golddigger.. or a "golddigging groupie whore." I dunno. Thus.. unwifeable? Somebody hit me with a tweet the other day saying that I couldn't possibly be celibate because I drink too much. My immediate response was "HUH?!" because I couldn't figure out if it was a serious st

Ineffective Communication

maybe i'm giving off the wrong impression, cuz niggas are guessin i want em no question.. they get to expressin their lust & its stressin me, trust i don't want you, you, OR you.. should be obvious, dude. what you think i'ma do? fuck? SUCK?? ew.. be conscious of the things that i say. why the one who went & fucked my mind, won't gimme the time of day? worst way to be played.. eh, o well. i guess.. This says something like: "Despite always losing by knockout, here he was again always ready to fight." Sometimes our minds tell us what's right and what's wrong for us, and we know in our hearts that our minds are telling the truth. Sometimes, we know right off the bat, and act accordingly. And we feel good. Then sometimes our minds and our hearts stop seeing eye to eye then things get all out of wack and we don't know what to believe anymore, or even if we can believe ourselves. Who's telling the truth here?? The mind or the heart?