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EssenceTV Episode #27: Over the Counter Accutane?

Black men need to step it up.

How damn TYPICAL is this of (most) Black men?? EXPECIALLY (most) Black men in Atlanta? All that shit they talk is an excuse because they're too lazy to work for a real woman as hard as we'd work for them. Too many times women fall victim to the excuses. They'd rather fuck a whore/groupie/golddigger/thirsty chick than come home every day to a woman who adores THEM, not their job, dick, or material possessions. SMH Check this out and tell me if you can relate.. women AND men. *DISCLAIMER* I'm WELL aware that we women have our faults as well, but for right now I'm focusing specifically on male faults. So please don't hit me with the "Well shit you talk about us but WOMEN do this to and blahzay blah blah." I KNOW. Women suck too and make the good women look bad. (Hence the whore/groupie/golddigger/thirsty chicks I mentioned earlier.) Thoughts?

Okay so this song is EVERYTHING..

Nina Sky - You Ain't Got It (Funk That) They both look great! But on a *sidenote* .. did one of the girls come out of the closet? Anywho, thoughts?

I would be his forever.. AND an eternity.

So this absolutely blew my mind. This has got to be the most creative marriage proposal I have ever seen in my life. (Even though I seemed more thrilled than her. lol) I got a little teary-eyed when I watched this: Okay, like seriously.. a marriage proposal this beautiful and creative.. she'd better had given him some GOOD later on! LOL shit she'd better give it for LIFE! That's CRAZY!!  What's your dream proposal? (Girls AND guys!! Don't be skurred..) Thoughts?

We could've been in love forever.. but the fear consumed me.

How often does this happen? You find yourself wanting to express yourself.. really let someone know how you feel about them.. then the fear sets in. You don't want to be blatantly dissed, nor politely shut down. With the existence of texting and instant messaging it's easy to type something up and then sit on it for awhile.. stare at it and think about whether or not you really wanna hit "send." I supposed that's why people prefer this to speaking on the phone, or face to face. You can't speak the words and watch them in a little comic speech bubble.. decide if you want it to be said or not. Once it comes out of your mouth, there's no taking it back. That's scary. I admit, I definitely prefer texting & IM to speaking.. my real-life social skills are shot thanks to the internet & texting. I've definitely sat on an unsent message time and time again.. proofreading.. only to end up revising.. or deleting the whole thing altogether. SMH..

EssenceTV is BACK!!

For those of you asking about my Youtube series, "EssenceTV," I'm proud to announce that now that I have a new computer, I am starting up with the webseries again! Here is a new vid explaining where I've been. Plus updates on Accutane and my Ankylosing Spondylitis! Enjoy!!