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20 Folks I’m Following That You Should Follow Too..

Everybody knows that I spend a lot of time on Twitter, tweeting my life away. Sometimes I talk about real shit, but I’d say for me 75% of Twitter is strictly entertainment. I tend to follow mostly people that I know, and only people that are also following me, with the exception of some news accounts and Twitter troubleshooting pages. With that said, here are the 20 people on Twitter that I find the most interesting. You should follow them too! Keep in mind, these arent in any particular order. 1. @ NikaDiva Nika is my sister and best friend.. the Yang to my Yin, but that is not why she’s on my list. A fiesty ass lesbian, people who follow her are definitely guaranteed to be entertained lol. As sweet as my sister is, she’s a firecracker who sounds off on whatever is pissing her off at the time. She is also living with Lupus, so follow her to get a better understanding of the condition. 2. @ kellz314 Kellz is another homegirl of mine. We’ve been friends for about 4 years now. Sh

I'm still feeling unfulfilled? I think..

You ever feel unfulfilled even though you feel like you ARE fulfilled and should be fulfilled? Well, that's how I feel. Already I'm feeling like maybe I should try something different. Let me explain: Right now I've been living my dream. I've known since I was a child that I wanted to work with children. (Either that or animals, but I hate biology so animal doctor.. no. lol) I busted my ass in school working for the degrees I have. Almost gave up on school a few times for no reason other than just being TIRED. Got KICKED OUT of the Georgia State University Early Childhood Education program over some bullshit and STILL kept going and ended up graduating a whole year earlier than I would have been graduating had I stayed with that program and.. guess what? STILL doing what I was trying to do: Teach early childhood. I love my job and while it is not moving along as quickly as I had hoped, I still come into work every single day because I love it and I'm learni

The Wind

things change on those days when the wind switches direction it feels so good on those days you long to feel the cool breeze on your face the wind has long gone the wind likes to show up on those cold ass misty days when the last thing you want is to have it blowing in your damn face then it's gusts get so strong damn near knocks you over. an angry fist that generates blow after blow after.. why do you do that? why doesn't it ever give us what we need when we need it? because it enjoys to watch us suffer? hug me. surround me with your warmth. whisper in my ear a ballad of endearing comfort take me away to the euphoria only you can bring don't disappear when i need you most stop disappearing when i need you most.

The Spoon Theory

Purple Lupus bands.. Spoon pin on deck. So.. not to long ago my sister Nika and I, along with her mother, attended a Lupus Symposium somewhere in Atlanta (not sure where, it was early lol). My sister and her mother both have Lupus, and although I don't I went simply to support her, and gain my own understanding of what Lupus is and what it does. When I think of Lupus, I think of that one girl from America's Next Top Model, Mercedes. I think she was the one to introduce the mainstream world to Lupus, though some folks still don't understand. Video footage of Mercedes promoting Lupus awareness. Anywho, one of the spokesladies there, Christine Miserandino, put together a touching account of how she explained to a best friend when they were young what it was like to live with Lupus. I thought I'd share it in case any of you have friends or fam who don't understand.. or even if you have it and can't seem to find a way to explain it to anyone. Lupus