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Two weeks to go!

It is Monday, 5 December 2016. The time is now 2:16pm. Life has been a whirlwind and I haven't even officially left my job yet.  I'm sitting here at my desk, with an intern that has been assigned to help me get my workload together before I leave. He's sitting here doing nothing because, quite frankly, I don't have anything that I want him to do.  It's not like I don't have work to do. I have 2 weeks left, and I actually have a bit of a workload in front of me. However, on Friday, my job disabled my email. This morning, I came in to discover that they disabled my login for my computer. They disabled my account to get into the system that I use for work. So, I promptly disabled a large number of the fxcks I have left.  I was fully prepared to sit at this desk and do nothing, BUT it is not within my nature to give NO fxcks. (Does that make sense? lol) I went ahead and notified mgmt to get my accounts back. And now I'm blogging.  &qu

Life after the letter.

So here I am, a week and some change after turning in my resignation. I'm not sure what I was expecting but what I CAN say is that I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. The blog and the announcement was sort of a shock to some. Mostly coworkers. A lot of folks just weren't surprised. Of course, the rumor mill spread. A few people (i.e. those who never read my last blog) assumed the pressure and stress of the job is running me away. Nope.. I could handle the job just fine.. if my heart was still in it. Anyway, ever since I got the email saying my resignation has been accepted I have found myself a bit lighter on my feet as I stroll the hallways of my job. It's easier for me to deal with parts of the job that I was having a hard time dealing with before. I'm able to speak my mind easier. I can say things to my supervisors that I was too intimidated to say before. I find myself wondering: "Where was all of this energy and confidence before?" No

So I quit my job today..

.. or rather, submitted a letter of resignation. When I've said that I've been feeling a change coming, this is one of those major things I was talking about. I've been dealing with being unhappy for a long time now. It's not necessarily the job itself, but a JOB IN GENERAL. I sit at this desk every weekday of my life and daydream about a different type of life. I try to work on other endeavors while I'm off, but even something as simple as a hobby is damn near impossible because when I'm not at work, I have mommy duties. When I don't have mommy duties, I'm at work. Sometimes those two things loop into each other. And when I have a moment to have a break from both all I'm trying to do is REST. I thank God every day that I was able to land a great-paying job at a respected agency right out of college. I was hired before I even graduated, which was a huge blessing and I am very proud of that accomplishment. I was convinced that I was going to be th

I need a hobby..

Part of this whole "lack of fulfillment" thing for me is the mind-numbing repetitiveness of being forced to do the exact same thing day in and day out. Go to work, go home, entertain the baby, go to sleep, repeat. Find a place to occupy the baby's time on weekends. It sucks, in all honesty. This is the reality of it. My fiance is always telling me that I can do anything I want to do and be successful at it, and I'm always telling him that I don't have anything I really enjoy doing. However, in retrospect I guess there are a whole lot of things I like doing. One of those things is wine. I like to have wine. Actual photo representation of Sidney and I. #Goals For my birthday this year, I went out to Tennessee and experienced my first wine-tasting. Five bucks for a glass and a myriad of wines to try. Can't beat it! I was surprised and excited to learn that wine is made with many different types of fruits besides wine. This should have been obvious n

Can Anyone Hear Me?!

What do you do when you're torn between what you want to do and what you're "supposed" to do? By "supposed," I mean something you may have been conditioned to do your entire life. School, for example. You know from the time you are young that you're "supposed" to go to school and get good grades. Maybe people at your school and your family are emphasizing the importance of continuing your education by going to college so that you can get a good job and start a career. Then, you decide that you don't want anything to do with school. Do you stay to appease everyone around you? Do you risk doing something "else"? There are folks out there may not understand your choices. There may be a risk that these people will never forgive you for these choices? Or maybe they will judge you.. think you're dumb or something. Is your opinion really the only one that matters here? It's your life, right? RIGHT? I'm walking my j

Life Updates..

So I'm currently headed somewhere up into the mountains of Tennessee for some (hopeful) rest & relaxation while on this work holiday. Also, My birthday is tomorrow. I will be 31. I'm fxcking old. I said in my last post I'd give y'all an update on my life, so here it is: First of all, I continued my education after GA State and got my Master's at Clark Atlanta University. During that time I was still super active on YouTube, even having my videos featured on an app called Urban Gossip once a week! However, a couple weeks before finals, my computer crashed. All my notes and papers for school, along with video footage for my channel, GONE. I graduated anyway (magna cum laude!) but never posted another vid again. I'm still at the same job. I started as a Bus Monitor/Substitute, did that for a year then moved up to Early Head Start Teacher. Specifically, I was in the 2-year-old classroom. I did that for like 5 years and I am now entering into my second year

Welcome Back!!

The title of that post is for me as well as for you. What can I say? I haven't visited this place in a long time, but it feels good to be home! I started this blog at a time when I felt lost. When I needed to speak and no one was around to listen. This blog, along with YouTube and Ustream, was my therapy. Once I started to get lost in other things, the desire to write kind of left me. My last post was January 2011. So now here I am, almost 6 years later, thankful that my blog wasn't deleted or that I didn't forget my password or something, because I am lost again. I need this again. I need a new journey and I need to document my steps. So here I am. Not sure what direction I'm now going in with the revamping of my blog, but I guess I can start by talking about where my life is now. But I'll do that later. For now, anticipate new posts. If, for some strange reason, you've been hanging around for the last 5 years and some change waiting for the day I p