The Trey Songz Hype (o.O) ..

So a couple weeks ago I purchased 4 tickets to a Trey Songz show at my alma mater, Georgia State University, that my homie Kellz put me on to. (The tickets are still on sale by the way, Atlanta. Buy your tickets here.) Everybody that I'm going with are super hyped and excited to see him. One of my friends, Brook, is tryna make sure we all bring something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. lol..

My Twitter timeline is constantly on fire with Trey Songz comments. Whenever he puts out a new music video Twitter is ablaze with comments from girls (and some boys) about how panties are wet and vaginas are pulsating. Somebody's always #nowplaying Trey Songz something or other. Right now.. I apologize, but I just don't get it.

Let me start off by saying that I am in NO way, shape, or form hating on Trey Songz. As you can see from what I've described in my previous paragraph, he's obviously an amazing artist. Selling out shows, selling albums, he's definitely a hot commodity. I'm just saying that I just have not, and cannot buy into the hype. I am still waiting to see what it is about Trey Songz that everybody loves so daggone much lol. I mean he's fine and all, but so are a lot of R&B singers in this industry.

I've heard all the singles and I've seen all the videos that everyone else has seen. I have not bought nor listened to any albums, just singles. The only song that he has out that I really like is "Last Time." That is my shit. It's not that I don't like him as an artist, it's just that his music is not my forte. I've even met him in person:

Me and my friends Kellz, Gennyfur, Ashia, Brittany, and some other ladies were at the Ultimate Bar & Grill by Camp Creek and he was there eating. While I never had a conversation with him he did turn to me from the bar while I was at the ATM, smiled, and said "Hey how you doin?" I said I'm good & he said something else and I went back to withdrawing my money lol. He is pretty fine in person, but still.. I still don't get it.

This is not a blog to diss Trey Songz at all. The thing is that I have yet to see him live and I'm saying all of this to say that I am curious as to whether or not this show on Friday is going to make me a believer. Part of me wants it to because I want to see what everybody else sees. I wasn't impressed with Omarion until seeing him live in concert in July of 2007. A lot of times you don't REALLY get to see an artist at his or her best until you've seen him or her live in concert. Kellz sent me a youtube vid of him performing somewhere and I was like wow. Maybe there's something to this dude after all, and I've been trying to catch him live ever since.

**UPDATE 1 April 10**
So I just checked out Trey's VIBE cover, of which you can find the link to on Trey Songz's Twitter page and the verdict is...

... I am not feeling it. (No April Fool's, I promise.) Did he lose weight or something?? It looks like it had the potential to be a 10 on the hawtness scale, but it's not quite there to me. Maybe it's the lighting, but it looks like his head is too small for his body or something.. something is off for me that's keeping this pic from being a 10. This further causes me to ponder the "Trey Songz Hype" with curiosity. Again, not hating but I guess I simply do not see what everyone else sees. The picture I have below is fucking hawt I like it way better. I hope he turns it out at his show tomorrow because I'm really hoping to be converted into a Trey Songz fan.

All I'm saying is.. if my panties don't get wet I'm asking for my money back. I'm just saying..


  1. LOL Let us know how the show is!!
    Without the details on your drawers afterwards. LMAO J/k but not really....

  2. I guess its all personal opinon. I've really out grown the omarion hype I dont even know whats going on with him right now as far as what singles he has out and what not. Never seen Trey live although he goes hard for everything and I love that.

  3. I think Trey is overrated too but I'm also not taking away anything from him. Same with Justin Bieber, cute little boy but I just dont see the hype. People hype shit up too much

  4. I dont think Trey Songz is overrated. He started from the bottom and worked his way up. Hard work pays off! He stay dropping consistent hot records! His buzz his off the chain right now.



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