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We STILL Punishing Chris Brown?

Let me say first that I have never bought a Chris Brown album. And, like Trey Songz, his music has never really been my forte, outside of a few songs. I was also as shocked as everyone else when I watched "THAT" story unfold the night of the Grammys. So you can't say I'm just a "fan taking his side." I also want to say that I, under no circumstances, condone violence of any kind. I've never been in a fight my entire life. I've never seen the point in fighting, personally. I feel that if you cannot handle your situation as adults and speak about it then I'm not even gonna acknowlege you. That's just me. So you can't say I'm just "so consumed by who this guy is that you don't see the big picture" or whatever. HOWEVER.. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how people can  still be coming down on Chris Brown so hard.. or at ALL. Has it not been going on a year & a half?? And has he not paid his debt to

Missing Pieces

Deep in thought. Pictured: My life. Sometimes realizations will hit you at the most spontaneous moment. I'm blessed, that's a given. I'm living and breathing.. healthy. Eating well, living well. There are people who love me. I have a high school diploma and 2 college degrees, AND got a job doing exactly what I wanted to do: Teach. On top of that, I make pretty good money.. enough to pay all the bills I have now. I have wonderful, loyal friends and close family. Plus about 300 kids who love me as well! Whenever I'm at work and not in a good mood, all I have to do is walk into any classroom and get a hug. Instant lifted spirit.  :o) Bottom line is, some things just aren't right in my life. Despite all of the positive things I have going on in my life, I still feel imbalanced. Incomplete. I still find myself sad sometimes. I have these recurring troublesome dreams. Not really nightmares, but just dreams that wake me up and leave me thinking. Disturbed. I don'

What ESSENCE Wants.

ESSENCETV EPISODE #13: SUPERWOMAN NEEDS SAVING TOO Posted 25 March 2008 -sigh- ..when will she learn? I live for other people. Plain and simple. I've known this for a long time now, and for a while had just accepted the fact that I was placed on this Earth to help people, and that's what makes me happy. Over time, though, I've been realizing how incredibly difficult this is getting. For example, when a lot of people want my help at once, so I'm pulled in different directions. Instead of doing what I want, I always end up just trying to please everybody, but it always backfires with someone. Someone ends up unhappy.. and NOT speaking to me, then I'm all depressed cuz I failed at what I've been put on this Earth for.. OR.. I spend entire friendships/relationships with people "doing" for them. Bending over backwards for them. Always saying yes. Eventually, they get so used to the "yeses" that when I'm just at a point when I just can

A Day with Sammie (A Mini-Documentary)

We all know R&B sensation Sammie , but for those of you all who have been living under a rock, he is the man behind such hits as "I Like It," "You Should Be My Girl," and "Come With Me." For those who somehow slept on all of that, you know him as the voice on the hook to "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" with Soulja Boy. Not just a platinum-selling singer, the 23-year-old is also CEO of his own company, Star Camp Entertainment. With two albums, a mixtape and an EP under his belt as well as an upcoming album under his new label, Interscope Records AND partnered with Street Love, the production team behind many of your favorite hits, Sammie is definitely the one to look out for. Your favorite R&B singer should be afraid. Very, very afraid. With all of that said, he also has a documentary in the works, titled the same as his upcoming album: "Coming of Age." What I have posted here is sort of like a prelude to the documentary. This 20 m

All the Adults Stand Up..

Sick & tired of niggas talkin like they know me Subliminal tweets & things.. thought we was grown homie? My number's been the same since `03 , what you sayin? Want beef? Bring it to me at least PUSSY stop playin..

What the hell is "beauty," anyway?

Made up. Okay. First I'm going to start by telling you how I look now: pajama pants & a green wifebeater, no makeup, and I just finished washing and blow drying my hair. But before I flat iron, I had to talk about this. About 20 minutes ago, I posted a picture of myself, described above (as I look right now), on the internet. The immediate general response was "You're still pretty." However, when I told my mother I had posted the picture, she had a friggin heart attack! Her exact words: "OH NO Essence PLEASE don't do it!!!" But.. the damage was done. Undone. When I told her that everyone was commenting and saying that I was "still pretty." She kind of laughed, said "Well you should ALWAYS try and look your best, Essence" and kept it moving. Of course, this is not a blog to diss my mother. I'm not trying to get my ass beat. My mom has always been that type of woman to present herself 100% in public. PERIOD. A lot of t