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Identity Crisis

The problem with social media is, people tend to give you mostly the good or the bad stuff that's going on in their lives, depending on the type of attention they want (or need). Even if you try and balance out the good and the bad, people are still going to make assumptions about your life that aren't true to the life you're actually living.

So I'm one of those people that try to balance things on social media. I don't want people thinking I'm living the perfect life because I'm not. I don't want people to think my life is miserable because it's not.

I say all of that to say.. for the most part everything in my life is going well. I just got the last room in my house rented, and we are in the process of searching for another property to rent in Cali. Health insurance, all of that is taken care of. Money is no longer the huge issue it once was.

However, right now there is a major conflict going on in my head. I'm having a problem sorting things…