I'm taking this time out to recognize the most loving, supportive, gorgeous person I have ever had (and will ever have) in my life: my mother! Gloria Lorena Lowe.. there is NO ONE else on this Earth like my mother! There was a time where I wanted my life to be OVER (I've attempted suicide twice), but I chose to remain here because I knew that if I served no other purpose, it was to be here with her. Her love saved my life.. constantly.

It's because of my mom that I'm where I am in life. I made it through school with 2 degrees and I'm now on the road to being a successful preschool educator because my mom was the only one who supported me 100% and saw me all the way through. I wanted to give up so many times because everybody else was making me feel like I was crazy for staying at home and finishing up. I almost quit and moved out, just to prove to everyone else that I could be an "adult" and join the work force if I wanted to. Now, as my mom told me back then, you can bet I'll probably be buying my first house before any of those people who doubted me back in the day!

My mother lived for me.. and that's it. I was always the number one priority in her life since the day I was born, and I still am. She even quit the Army after 12 years because she was always gone and missing too much of my life. My mom has no problem going into debt or whatever.. as long as I prosper. I owe her everything.. but unfortunately can't give her anything right now, and that kills me. The only thing I can do for her is keep making her proud, so I continue to work hard and do what I do so that I can continue to see her smile!


  1. Hello ess its me Mo_tu_mbo i really luv you....u have a really beautiful face, i loved ur ustream,because i saw ur pretty smile,eyes and lips u are wonderful...waiting for more ustreams from u luv...luv u


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