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It’s the anniversary of my resignation.

This is the life.

God knows it hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been way more exciting than the life I was living before.

Sidney and I are finally settling on a focus for our business and it looks like we will be moving forward soon. I’m very excited about the idea of having something that’s for US: Working our asses off for our family, instead of a boss or a manager at a 9 to 5.

What I’ve learned about starting a business so far is, the process is easier than it seems. Yes you have to have some money and yes it is a LOT of work but to start a small business doesn’t require as much money as one may think. Paperwork seems fairly easy so far. It’s just a matter of how big you want your business to be.

And let me tell y’all something about me: My goal here is not to make some ridiculous amount of money. I want a modest lifestyle. I just want to find something that A) we like to do and B) that the community we live in doesn’t have. Or something they have that we can improve on and do better.…