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So I just heard the news about DJ AM. As of right now, I'm checking TMZ frequently cuz they keep updating every few minutes or so. As of right now the body still hasn't been removed from the apartment, according to TMZ. RIP Man... DJ AM's last Twitter message: 25 August 4:57pm SO as with all the deaths displayed heavily in the media last year, as well as with the non-celebrity deaths I've dealt with, I've been heavily reflecting on life. The death that had the biggest impact on me was the death of my grandfather on 1 June. Some of ya'll saw me lose it through Twitter, because I got the news when I was alone in my house. I had spoken to my sister but she was at work. My grandfather at the time was showing signs of dementia, and he was suffering. One of his sisters had to be with him at all times so he wouldn't wander out of the house. He was scared because he kept forgetting where he was, even in his own house and even once while he was driving home. He h


When my aunt came to visit us a few months ago, she was asking me about what I wanted to do after I graduated college (December `09 WOOOO). I told her that I wanted to work in youth services, mentoring and counselling youth...especially underpriviledged and troubled youth. She went on to tell me about her job (a govt. job...I think she works for the FBI somehow) and how she made really good money. She was telling me that she would help me get a job like hers if I wanted to opt out of what I was doing, because her job pays WAY more money, and I should shoot for more money. I wouldn't really like the job, but I would be striving for financial independence & stability, which is, ultimately, more important. That may be rational for her, and I definitely respect that, because she IS doing very well right now, but I just cannot do that. I am the type that if I don't like what I'm doing, more than likely I'm just NOT gonna do it very well LOL. Ya'll see me on Twitt

Personal Problem

This is me right now. But Black. LOL So if you know me, you know that it's pretty hard to get me really mad. I've learned over time that there is too much to smile about, too much positivity, too many blessings bestowed upon me for me to get angry and upset over menial things. That extra stress is very unnecessary. However, I do have a personal issue. I DO tend to get stressed out sometimes, but I recognize that it is nobody's fault but my own. The only time this really happens is when I repress what I want to express...and harbor it inside until it becomes such a heavy weight on my shoulders that it becomes unbearably painful. Yea, I know that this may sound surprising to those that check the webshow and/or follow me on Twitter, but sometimes, I am afraid to say what's on my mind. For some, this may not be very surprising at all lol. I usually end up quite depressed because of this. When all I have to do is simply say what's on my mind, I get scared. I freeze u

BITCH...check ya MAN, not me.

I get so sick and tired of hearing females yellin & screamin about 'beatin this bitch ass' because HER man fucked the chick. Has it ever occured to you that yea...that man...over the ONLY one you need to be mad at? Walk with me here: Say you had, like...50 chicks all going after your man at the same time, and your man was willingly fucking all of them. Are you REALLY ready and willing to fight all those bitches? Like seriously...think about it. I mean what do you think you're doing? 'Protecting' your man? Psh, whatever. NOW say that you checked your man and did all the shit you're supposed to do as his woman. Now, when these 50 bitches are all in your man's face, he's brushing them all off like 'Nah, I got a girl.' OMG look at that! You don't have to do a DAMN thing because your man is doing wtf he's SUPPOSED to be doing as your man in the FIRST damn place!!! Way easier to check ONE man instead of 50 bitches that you

Misconceptions about Military Families (We ain't Rich!)

I am an Army brat, born in Germany and have been in a military family until 2005, when my dad finally retired lol. He did 23 years and my mom did 12 years. So I know a lil bit about military life. How many people think that military people are all friggin loaded and are just dumbstupid ballin outta control? WELL ladies and gentlemen, I have news for you: you are dead WRONG, my friends. The truth is, yes, military people do get paid SLIGHTLY better than your average fast food employee... (NO diss to fast food employees. I myself worked at Burger King for years.) HOWEVER..if we aren't smart with our money, we could easily end up in the poor house. Some of you reading may have been to my crib in North Atlanta before and people swear up and down that we're rich. The fact that my parents are retired military seems to drive the point home, but let me tell you something: my mother worked her ASS off for me. I know plenty of military people that would spend that check up on nons

Welcome to the Essence of Essence.

My name, as you've probably already guessed, is Essence. Currently I attend Georgia State University pursuing a Sociology degree which I will have by this December (knockonwood) WOOOO lol. I'm a part time waitress and full time internet addict. I also am very passionate and feel as though I have a lot to say. And I USED to say it through various journal entries and the art of poetry, etc. But I stopped a long time ago. Sooooooo I think that I've kinda lost touch with a part of myself when I stopped writing, and I feel like I need to get it started again. PLUS I also think that people have misconceptions about me. I, like everyone else, am constantly judged and I'm hoping that a better understanding of me will be gained through this blog. I'm also hoping I will have the time to keep up with this blog regularly. I feel like I veered off a path I was on and decided to turn around and get on the one I was travelling previously. For those that decide to step on with