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.. cuz stupid makes people hate each other. stupid, stupid, stupid. how stupid can you be? but i should know cuz at one time the "stupid one" was me.. take my advice & heed my call before you regret things.. for stupid is as stupid does; dont be the stupid one because stupid is all they'll see.. you can only live in "stupid" long as you let it be God, He makes no mistakes so this is meant but all you need is to take a sec and THINK. take a moment, own it, breathe. you are in charge of YOUR own life. you choose YOUR destiny. listen to me: stupid is as stupid does; PLEASE dont be the stupid one, because stupid is all they'll see. God knows I've been the stupid one; was blind but NOW i see called stupid and been stupid and been lost and weak but He said "Ess stop being naive. you deserve much greater things. you're not stuck on stupid. you choose where in life you want to be. your spirit's down. release it's wing

Halfway Heart

It is to view self within the depths of his eyes to be lost and never want to escape.. to feel happiness in his smile comfort in his arms It is to breathe him and feel life deep in the very fiber of the being It is to hear his voice and hear music a divine melody that could be listened to forever It is butterflies It is an embrace that can make all of life's problems disintegrate and blow away like dust in the wind It is a smile that cannot help but to lift the spirit ease the soul It is a touch that brings goosebumps an everlasting feeling of euphoria It is a thought that lingers and cannot be shaken that burrows itself deep into memory refuses to depart captures at random consumes at will It is two hearts that merge as one and brings mutual understanding and trust faith and loyalty warmth and happiness It is up and down but it is beautiful It doesn't live here. But hey.. I'm patient.


So I was listening to Frank & Wanda on V-103 this morning and I very briefly heard the beginning of their discussion about groupies before having to head into work. It compelled me to write this blog, since I've been wanting to touch on this subject for awhile now because the term "groupie" has been thrown around so much in recent times.  Nowadays the "groupie" is being glorified as well as condemned, and what used to be a somewhat silent practice has suddenly gone and went mainstream. You see it all day long: women (and men) scoping out folks for their money, power, and popularity.. using these things so that they themselves can move on up like George and Weezy.. if not financially, then in status. Some people simply want their names to be known. Others want nothing more than to use the person to gain the money, power, and popularity that they have. Then there are those who want a child or ring on their finger to ensure that they are set for life, eit

PARTYPARTYPARTY Let's All Get.. Married?!

Recently I've been feeling a little static about my party habits. It's true: I like to go out and have a good time with friends and family, have drinks, etc. Also, it's officially my spring break, and dammit those kids are hard work! I deserve to party hearty as far as I'm concerned. When the smoke clears, I'll be right back on my grind (until the summer lol). I mean look at me: I'm 24, two degrees, no children, no boyfriend, no dog, no worries! While I'm still living at home, I'm doing what I have to do and making the best out of my situation until I'm financially ready to make the big move. However, that's not what I'm writing about tonight. THAT'S another blog I'm definitely touching on soon. Anywho, I've also noticed a lot of folks on Twitter saying how they refuse to wife a chick who's in and out of the clubs all the time. However, have any of you stopped to think that these chicks are in and out of the clubs al

Horror Nights, New Tomorrows

My mom just said to me that sometimes God tries to show you things in roundabout ways.. I think that last night was as roundabout as it could get. My friends Royale & Kellz & I, after leaving the Velvet Room, went right around the corner to a Waffle House to eat. Some random Hispanic man who barely new English was trying to flirt with us in Spanish & some broken English as we sat in our booth. As we were paying our tabs, another Hispanic man walks in, absolutely drenched in blood and holding onto a large wound on his neck, probably a stab or bullet wound. He was speaking very silently in Spanish. Kellz immediately freaks out and runs to the bathroom. I'm mute and immoble. Royale's trying to calm everyone down. The Hispanic man who was talking to us rushed to the bloody man's aid. No sooner had he gotten to him than he collapsed right at the entrance to our booth, forcing Royale & I to have to sit and take everything that was going on. I swear I thought

The Trey Songz Hype Part II: Conclusion

Let me tell ya'll about this cartoon I saw once. You'll get it in a sec: I'm sure you all are familiar with that cartoon show Recess. Well one episode in particular has always stood out to me: There was a new kid that came to school, right? And everybody liked him. Everybody was talking to him and playing with him and all that shit.. but whenever TJ would walk up to him and try to speak or join in on the fun, this new kid would turn his nose up at TJ or just straight up walk away from him. TJ got tired of it and finally confronted the new kid about it, asking him what his problem is. To this the new kid simply answered: "I don't like you." When TJ asked why the new kid said, "I just don't." So TJ starts going all out of his way bending over backwards trying to get this new kid to like him. Finding out what he likes, giving him candy and all kids of shit.. but the kid would just say "Thanks, but I still don't like you." So in th