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God told me to tell you:

I took this pic after a very bad storm. I just want every individual in the world to know that YOU shape your own destiny. YOU alone have the power to control the direction YOU want YOUR life to go in! It's YOUR life!! I received a very touching private message from someone a few hours ago. This person reached out to me because this person is subscribed to my youtube channel  and saw that I love to help people. My mission in life is to save the world, and this message affected me deeply because I see a lot of that person in my friends, my babies at my job.. even myself. I cried and I went to my mother and told her what happened and I cried some more until my mom assured me that I did all the right things in this situation. My heart goes out to all of these people, and myself. It hurts me personally when I see people in a dark hole with seemingly no way out. But the thing is, sometimes we believe we're standing in a deep dark hole we cannot climb out of, when the reali

Pants on the ground.

Yass, hunny. No other way around it: I am officially OVER the baggy pants. Done. There is nothing fashionable, in my opinion, about having to stare at your saggy boxer briefs. Every day, I see men in the streets with their shorts looking like high waters, or their skinny jeans gripped tightly around their thighs, tripping over themselves. It's fucking pathetic. An even bigger pet peeve for me is when they have the audacity to wear belts with them. Speaking of skinny jeans, I don't even understand how black boys came up with a way to sag in those things. Now I actually like skinny jeans better than baggy, but how are you going to buy pants that are too tight and THEN pull them down so the world can see your ass? I'm flabbergasted. What the hell? You know what else grinds my gears about baggy pants? Both when the underwear doesn't match AND when a dude takes the time out to make sure his draws match the rest of his outfit. (o.O) smh. It started to bo

R&B of the Week. How bad do you want her to stay?

Blackstreet-Don't Leave Me Without a doubt one of my all-time favorite groups, Blackstreet was THE business when I was a kid. My favorite group member was Chauncey Black's ol' chocolate self. (lol) I can remember just laying around in my room with their CDs on repeat, just vibing out and meditating. "Don't Leave" is definitely up there in my "Top Ten" favorite songs of all time list. It's one of those songs that, no matter how many times I hear it over any period of time, will never EVER get old to me. Also, Blackstreet is one of those groups that I will ALWAYS be willing to pay to see. I love "Don't Leave Me" for both the beauty in the music and in the lyrical content. I don't think any relationship can escape having at least one moment like the one talked about in this song. The depth of love.. how much it lifts and how much it hurts.. is no longer discussed as much in R&B music, ESPECIALLY in male R&B. Most m

Birthday Blues

I'm riding on a rollercoaster, life is never ending. Thinking I've reached a turning point and finding the beginning. Thought there was triumph just to find that I was never winning. I'd like to stare into your eyes.. what message am I sending? So up and down I go.. I want to smile, I want to cry I want to scream I want to sing I want to sit and wonder why How did this ride I'm on spiral into a tunnel of disguise? I need a blue sky to study.. need to learn what "up" is like. The world is cold. I just long to ascend into the sun, but I've heard that the sun burns, and if I burn I will be done. Life is good and it is bad.. then it's great and then it sucks. Need to centralize my heart and mind and soul.. right now they're stuck. Working to epitomize all that I want to be. Though I'm happy with myself, I know that I can change some things. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I love B.B. King. Check out "Happy Birthday Blues

R&B of the Week. Music Videos: A Lost Art

Mint Condition-"Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)" This video caught my attention for a number of reasons. As you all know, old school R&B is my "thing" and Mint Condition is definitely one of my favorite artists. The biggest thing, however, was the leading lady of the video: You see where I'm going with this, right? Now granted, she does get all va-va-voom in the end, but most artists nowadays won't go there for even a moment. it's fake, long weave, silicone ass & tits, fake eyelashes and overdone makeup from start to finish. This girl had on half the makeup that they wear nowadays, PLUS wore a dress that was classy but sexy.. meant to accentuate without being overly revealing. What happened to the way the media used to envision women? How they portrayed a woman as beautiful? This new shit is wack. THIS is what makes a good video: telling a story. Plus you could tell that Stokley was attracted to the lead girl before she got all dolle