We STILL Punishing Chris Brown?

Let me say first that I have never bought a Chris Brown album. And, like Trey Songz, his music has never really been my forte, outside of a few songs. I was also as shocked as everyone else when I watched "THAT" story unfold the night of the Grammys.

So you can't say I'm just a "fan taking his side."

I also want to say that I, under no circumstances, condone violence of any kind. I've never been in a fight my entire life. I've never seen the point in fighting, personally. I feel that if you cannot handle your situation as adults and speak about it then I'm not even gonna acknowlege you. That's just me.

So you can't say I'm just "so consumed by who this guy is that you don't see the big picture" or whatever.


I cannot, for the life of me, understand how people can still be coming down on Chris Brown so hard.. or at ALL. Has it not been going on a year & a half?? And has he not paid his debt to society? Sheesh, you would think that folks would be over it by now. Yet we still have folks refusing to support the music.

"OMFG let it GO already!!!!"

First of all, as much as everyone seems to think that they are entitled to a celebrity's private lives JUST because they are in the public eye.. it's bullshit. They are nothing but PEOPLE, people!! That's it!!

I think that people seem to have this complex where they feel like they know these people personally just because they see them on TV or got an autograph. Fact is, we only know them as their "public personas." That's it. Every celeb has two sides, the person behind the stage name and the real them. Not even a reality show can truly portray who they are as people. Therefore, the only thing that should be our business is that "business" side of them: the music, the movies, the live shows, the art, the public appearances, etc.. NOT their personal lives.

Therefore, folks like paparazzi and blogs, morally, have no business putting everybody's business in the damn street. From Chris Brown to Brittany Murphy to Michael Vick to Michael Jackson (YES.. even MJ) to Brandy.. none of that stuff was any of our business to begin with. Aren't you supposed to separate your work from your personal life? Celebs may not have 9 to 5s, but it's still their JOB.. just like ours. We're not entitled to being all up in their personal biz.

Since the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident is out there anyway, everybody is throwing out their personal opinions on the matter, so here's mine: What CB did was wrong, no ifs, ands, or buts about that. At the same time, do we know the whole story? Were we in that car? Nope and nope. Seems like everybody's coming down on CB based on speculation, but what about Rihanna's speculation? True or not, everybody just swept the rumors about her part in this incident under the rug once those photos were released. According to Rihanna's speculation, she wasn't as innocent in all this as everyone is making out to be. I'm not sayin that ANYBODY'S speculation is fact here. And AGAIN, I'm not sayin she deserved what happened. I'm just sayin.. If I was in a relationship and I got in my man's face every argument and even hauled off & slapped him a few times over a certain amount of time, should I be surprised if one random night my dude decided to punch me in my face?

You gonna put your hands on a dude that can do this?

I'm just sayin..

I have a friend who was telling me this story of how she and her boyfriend would argue and she would push him and he would keep walking away. She kept getting in his face and he kept turning away from her. Finally, one day, she decided to get bold and slapped him & punched him in the face, aaand he knocked her ass clean across the room. Now did she deserve that? No..

But then again, she shouldn't be surprised.

I'm just sayin.

Do I think Rihanna deserved that shit? Fuck no. I'm just sayin.. there's a lot of speculation about shit that she did too that CB probably didn't deserve either. We don't know if it's true or not but based on a lot of fuzzy lines that we are unable to clear, we have no reason to judge.

And again, as much as you guys like to think, none of that is our damn business anyway. Sorry to burst ya'll bubbles.

- Essence shrug -

On top of everything else, this happened LAST FEBRUARY folks, and he did all his community service plus apologized to us when really he didn't owe us SHIT. Why the fuck are we still talking about this and refusing to support this dude over some shit we don't even entirely understand?? All that is supposed to matter is the music. I don't know who's at fault here, and I don't care. I still listen to both CB and Rihanna the same way I did before. My thoughts on the two of them as artists never changed, and it shouldn't change for anybody, because that's why we are supposed to love them, right?

Is it not?? Am I right? EH?!?!

I mean, I'm just sayin..



  1. I agree with your reasoning on the matter except for the part where you say the only thing that should matter is the music. Yes thats the only thing that SHOULD matter. BUT being a musical person myself, a musician puts his/her heart and self into their music, or at least they should. When an artist makes a wrong decision it not only reflects them as a person but it reflects on their music as well. So former fans who are lashing out against him maybe feel like they shouldnt support his music bc that is a reflection of him as well. However, this man has paid his dues and the situation, as long as not repeated, needs to be left in the dust. Forgive and move on.

  2. I actually agree with your point of view. Chris Brown and Rihanna's personal life should have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the music and the relationship that we as fans share with the artist.

    Unfortunately it does, especially in this day and age of social networking sites where the blind pretty much follows the blind. And information and opinions (especially negative opinions) appear to stay in the spotlight.

    What's even sadder about this entire situation is that for all the troubles Chris Brown has experienced he still loves Rihanna.

    Scary, ain't it?

  3. I agree. I have long been stating that the only reason CB was punished (both legally and by society) is because who the victim in the situation was. There have been plenty of other men and unfortunately will continue to be other men who are accused/convicted of domestic abuse and yet their trials are private. Did we not cheer on Don Cornelius when he came out on the BET awards?

    Even more, I feel extremely saddened because Chris Brown is still a young boy. He still has a long way to go in terms of mental growth and to ostracize and ban him because of a mistake he made over a year ago seems a bit outrageous.
    Domestic Violence is a serious issue, one that I work closely with and while I don't excuse or condone his actions, I can not help but wonder what part Rhianna played in the entire situation. For the topic to be discussed in a healthy fashion, and for her (especially if she is dating a man who has previoulsy battered a spouse) to grow from this incident, she needed to take responsibility for her own actions and truly reflect upon what got them to the point where they went at it in a speeding car.


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