A Day with Sammie (A Mini-Documentary)

We all know R&B sensation Sammie, but for those of you all who have been living under a rock, he is the man behind such hits as "I Like It," "You Should Be My Girl," and "Come With Me." For those who somehow slept on all of that, you know him as the voice on the hook to "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" with Soulja Boy. Not just a platinum-selling singer, the 23-year-old is also CEO of his own company, Star Camp Entertainment. With two albums, a mixtape and an EP under his belt as well as an upcoming album under his new label, Interscope Records AND partnered with Street Love, the production team behind many of your favorite hits, Sammie is definitely the one to look out for. Your favorite R&B singer should be afraid. Very, very afraid.

With all of that said, he also has a documentary in the works, titled the same as his upcoming album: "Coming of Age." What I have posted here is sort of like a prelude to the documentary. This 20 minute film takes you through a day of Sammie's life on the road. You get to check out Sammie as he preps for a show, performs, and does a post-show interview or two. This vid even includes a cameo from another awesome R&B singer! It was filmed by videographer Theshay West and edited by Boogie. Enjoy!


On a personal note, I feel that Sammie is one of the most vocally underrated artists in R&B right now. Speaking as a certified R&B addict, I feel that in this new, horrid world of autotune and lip syncing, it is very refreshing to have an artist like Sammie who doesn't need that shit to make his music "good music" or to make his live shows successful. I've been to a couple of shows recently and I, for one, appreciate stuff like that, and I'm sure all the REAL lovers of R&B appreciate it too, and we're all anticipating the new projects and looking forward to seeing what is next in store for Sammie.


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