The Trey Songz Hype Part II: Conclusion

Let me tell ya'll about this cartoon I saw once. You'll get it in a sec:

I'm sure you all are familiar with that cartoon show Recess. Well one episode in particular has always stood out to me:

There was a new kid that came to school, right? And everybody liked him. Everybody was talking to him and playing with him and all that shit.. but whenever TJ would walk up to him and try to speak or join in on the fun, this new kid would turn his nose up at TJ or just straight up walk away from him. TJ got tired of it and finally confronted the new kid about it, asking him what his problem is. To this the new kid simply answered: "I don't like you." When TJ asked why the new kid said, "I just don't."

So TJ starts going all out of his way bending over backwards trying to get this new kid to like him. Finding out what he likes, giving him candy and all kids of shit.. but the kid would just say "Thanks, but I still don't like you."

So in the end, the kid NEVER starts to like TJ, and TJ just had to accept that fact. Moral of the story: No matter HOW hard you try.. what you do, what you say, etc.. everybody just isn't going to like you, and that's okay. Surround yourself with people who do and fuck who don't..

How, do you ask, does this cartoon relate to Trey Songz? Well, I see myself as that new kid, in a way. I feel like I'm trying to force myself to fall in love with an artist just like everyone else is in love with him, and I can't do that. Throughout the show on Friday the entire Georgia State Sports Arena was a screaming, crying, orgasming mess.. women AND men alike. As a matter of fact, when Trey threw out his Tshirt into the audience a DUDE fought past all the girls and snatched that bad boy up!! LOL

Trey's performance was nothing more than himself and a DJ. For me, that was a bit boring. My homie Kellz and I agreed that a live band would have set it off. I would like to see him learn how to play acoustic guitar or something. After speaking to a homie of mine over Twitter, Boogie (who is Sammie's "right hand"), things started to make more sense for me. Trey Songz brings it back to the old school "crooner" days when all an R&B artist needed was his music and his presence, like the Marvin Gayes and the Al Greens, and I definitely respect that. Really, that is truly ALL he needs, because his fans don't give a fuck about anything else going on up on that stage. The issue with ME is (and it is MY issue) is that from a general standpoint, his music just doesn't appeal to me as much as my friends and his other fans, and that's all there is to it. When "Last Time" came on I was just as crunk as everyone else. When I went to see MY favorite R&B group, Dru Hill, I was grooving HARD and dancing my ass off the entire time because I love and know the words to ALL of their songs.

So.. the verdict is: Trey Songz can SING HIS ASS OFF LIVE (one time for those high notes. Good LORD), and he's really really sexy and he can sell out shows and sell records.. but for me, no matter how many shows I go to, if the music isn't my forte, it's not going to matter either way if it's a small college show or a huge arena show. And that's just the way it is. -Essence shrug-

Anywho, here are a few pics I took at the show. Also in these pics, along with myself, are Kellz, Brooklyn and my homie Royale. (Click our names for our Twitter pages.) Enjoy:

(P.S. Sorry Trey fans. I didn't get any "shirt off" pics. I was too busy looking. -Essence shrug- LOL)

Until next time..


  1. I agree his music is just okay. Yes he can sing, and yeas he is cute, but I just don't feel his music all that much. I liked his older stuff though.

  2. NEXT. Alot of them girls are just horny. Sexual content is all they looking for (a sexy face and sexual lyrics) say ahh? nigga you aint my dr. and no i think dinosaurs invented sex, thank you lol

  3. I feel a little hate towards the boy Trey. Now I'm a true R&B fan & I'm a dude. I probably listen to R&B more than Rap or anything else & sometimes it gets on my fiance nerves, because she likes R&B, but she loves rap, but we make it work LOL. Anyway about Trey I've been a fan & listening to him since his gotta make it, gotta go, kinda loving, in the middle, hating love, days in the beginning. I've had all 3 of his CD's and what I appreciate most is that all of them have been different but all of them have been riding. From a male stand point when U put in a Trey Cd especially Ready, it's not to many girls that don't like it, and it does do something for a lot of them. So the boy is doing his thing so as an R&B cat myself I respect that. Also on another note as far as the show @ GSU only having him & a DJ, I chalk it up to the old saying "U get what U pay for." & I say that b/c even though I didn't see the GSU show, I did just see him open up for Jay-Z about a month ago & it had a lot more to it & both me and my girl thought it was a good show. But then we paid $100 a piece for those tickets, & it was a major arena tour so they had a much bigger budget, just my take on things.


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