Horror Nights, New Tomorrows

My mom just said to me that sometimes God tries to show you things in roundabout ways.. I think that last night was as roundabout as it could get.

My friends Royale & Kellz & I, after leaving the Velvet Room, went right around the corner to a Waffle House to eat. Some random Hispanic man who barely new English was trying to flirt with us in Spanish & some broken English as we sat in our booth.

As we were paying our tabs, another Hispanic man walks in, absolutely drenched in blood and holding onto a large wound on his neck, probably a stab or bullet wound. He was speaking very silently in Spanish. Kellz immediately freaks out and runs to the bathroom. I'm mute and immoble. Royale's trying to calm everyone down. The Hispanic man who was talking to us rushed to the bloody man's aid. No sooner had he gotten to him than he collapsed right at the entrance to our booth, forcing Royale & I to have to sit and take everything that was going on.

I swear I thought it was a joke at first. I was waiting for the cameras. I even pulled out my phone to twitpic this guy for yall.. then he briefly removed his hands from his neck and he fell to the floor. I saw the wound and knew it wasn't a joke. I very quickly turned my phone around and called 911. I was calm myself.. I have to be. I'm not the one who stresses and freaks out. I'm usually not allowed to be that person. I tried to look away as I spoke with the 911 operator. Then she started asking me questions that require me to look down at that man.. I saw him trying to speak, I saw that his chest was barely rising and falling. He was dying. IN FRONT OF ME. At this point I slowly begin to freak out over the phone with the operator.

When the 911 operator assures me that an ambulance is on the way, we hang up and I looked over again. The man was squirming.. trying to move as other customers slowly gather around him trying to keep him alert. I can't deal with it.. tears are running down my face but I'm saying "I'm okay I'm okay I'm okay I'm okay...." over and over. I was actually the most worried about Kellz, who was in the bathroom really freaking out.

I begin to hyperventilate when police FINALLYYYY arrive and because I was in the booth losing it they suggested we climb over the booth into the kitchen and out a back door, so we do, then go to the bathroom to check on Kellz. I wanted to call my mom but I knew she would have a heart attack worrying about me. I had other friends I wanted to call.. but couldn't. So I begin to Twitter. My hands were shaking hard as FUCK but I managed to put my situation out there, and (Thank GOD) got a call from Gennyfur. After being questioned briefly by police we were free to go. Royale drove my car to Kellz house and she got a bag and we all made the way to my house, and that was how my night went.

And so I've been laying here since. I couldn't sleep, and now I'm alone with my thoughts. I sent out a text last night reaching out to someone I hadn't spoken to in awhile, and that went kind of blah, but at least I was able to get some things off my chest.. this whole thing has me kind of fucked up, I can't lie.

Through it all, however, I know that God makes NO mistakes. There is a lesson in everything He does.. everything He shows you. It's because of this I know that we will all be okay. I just pray that poor, poor man will be okay. I pray that Kellz and Royale will be okay. I pray for guidance and strength and that whatever demons that surround me and everybody I love and care about are casted away. Far farrr away. AMEN.

There you have it.. just wanted ya'll to know where the weird tweets were coming from last night. Until next time..


  1. Whoaa that was wild. It actually saddened me just reading about it. It reminded me of a week or so ago where I was on a bus as we passed a flipped over car with a man inside. I felt super anxious when I learned he'd actually been shot and lost control. They were trying to get him out and he died on the way to the hospital.

    You never know how CLOSE you are physically to tragedy. It's what makes us decent human to even care. I could've thought..well its some drug thing..live by the gun die by the gun, and you could've pondered the same about him being some criminal. But you don't. You just see what's in front of you and try to make sense of it all.As you have by talking to your mother and blogging it.


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