Halfway Heart

It is to view self within the depths of his eyes

to be lost and never want to escape..

to feel happiness in his smile

comfort in his arms

It is to breathe him

and feel life

deep in the very fiber of the being

It is to hear his voice

and hear music

a divine melody that could be listened to forever

It is butterflies

It is an embrace that can make all of life's problems disintegrate

and blow away like dust in the wind

It is a smile

that cannot help but to lift the spirit

ease the soul

It is a touch

that brings goosebumps

an everlasting feeling of euphoria

It is a thought

that lingers and cannot be shaken

that burrows itself deep into memory

refuses to depart

captures at random

consumes at will

It is two hearts

that merge as one

and brings mutual understanding and trust

faith and loyalty

warmth and happiness

It is up and down

but it is beautiful

It doesn't live here.

But hey.. I'm patient.


  1. HELLO, Halfway Heart,"is heartfelt".comfort is his arms is to breath him and feel life.But I know women and they r thickle.Everlasting euphoria is very hard to sinc up. Give us another 1-poetry.


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