PARTYPARTYPARTY Let's All Get.. Married?!

Recently I've been feeling a little static about my party habits. It's true: I like to go out and have a good time with friends and family, have drinks, etc. Also, it's officially my spring break, and dammit those kids are hard work! I deserve to party hearty as far as I'm concerned. When the smoke clears, I'll be right back on my grind (until the summer lol).

I mean look at me: I'm 24, two degrees, no children, no boyfriend, no dog, no worries! While I'm still living at home, I'm doing what I have to do and making the best out of my situation until I'm financially ready to make the big move. However, that's not what I'm writing about tonight. THAT'S another blog I'm definitely touching on soon.

Anywho, I've also noticed a lot of folks on Twitter saying how they refuse to wife a chick who's in and out of the clubs all the time. However, have any of you stopped to think that these chicks are in and out of the clubs all the time because they aren't wifed up? And if they already are, you have no business effing around with her anyway. That's her dude's problem.

I know that if I was in a relationship the last thing I'd be worried about every weekend is the club. Of course, a night out with the girls/fellas away from the significant other is needed here and there as well. Also, a night out at the club here and there with your significant other can be fun also, but kind of touchy because of the impending drama that could occur.

Make sure you keep one of these handy.

BUT I digress..

I know this is going to be very hard to believe, but I'm not the club type. The only reason I'm in the club as much as I am is because it seems like every time I turn around a friend is in town from this state or that state and wants to hit the ATL nightlife scene. In reality, I would actually like to hit the Atlanta Zoo or the Georgia Aquarium.. catch a movie.. hear some spoken word or some sexy jazz while having dinner.. maybe some bowling. I'm cool with just ordering takeout and watching a movie at the crib. Of course, most of that is "boyfriend" stuff. But then again, I have no "boyfriend" to speak of.

So..... it's off to the clubs I go!!

At the same time, though, I believe that the club (in my opinion anyway) is no place to meet wifey, even if she's in there somewhere. It's very rare that I see a long-term relationship work when it started in the clubs. Believe me, I know. I met a guy in the club once, like 2 years ago (Club Miami, I believe o.O) and although everything was all good, things just sort of tapered off because the only times we really had fun was where?

You guessed it:

In the club and in the bedroom.

And I believe I've said this before: After awhile, ESSENCE CATCHES FEELINGS. That's just how things go, so we had to part ways before things got too complicated. (You think I'd learn from that, but nOoOoOoo...)

My point is: It's not too often you're gonna find someone who's looking for anything more than a handful of orgasms in the club.. AT THAT MOMENT. Maybe if you met that same person elsewhere, away from all the liquor and drugs and sex music, it would be different. First impressions are everything, my friends, so at the end of the day I say: Let that one go and look elsewhere, cuz 9 times out of 10 the relationship will never move past what it was when you met.

No! hand! Cuffin in da.. nevermind.

That doesn't mean that wifey types aren't in the club, cuz they are. The club just isn't a good place to meet them because they're gonna be all out of their element and in liquor-induced hazes. I mean think about it: Why do we go to the club? To get loose and let go of all the stress developed during the week and to find sustinance in the bottom of a cup.. or bottle. And maybe a one-night-stand. Not too many people are going to act civilized in some rowdy ass club... unless they're a killjoy.

In short, just because you hear about a potential special someone being in and out of the club all the time isn't grounds to judge them as non-relationship types (men and women alike). Take into consideration every aspect of the person before you allow one factor to overshadow one's character. For a vast majority, the only thing keeping one from cutting down on the clubbing is the "cuffage," cuz being in the club every week while in a relationship is inappropriate unless you work in that industry somehow. I guarantee that most just need to hear the -click- of the cuffs locking up and they'd leave the clubs alone. A lot of folks, especially womenfolk, would actually prefer it!


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