Tweets from last night.

So I just looked at some of the things I Twittered last night, and decided to combine them into a poem to be published here. I've decided to call it "A Change of Heart." So here goes:

yet.. for some strange reason.. i cannot allow my mind to escape thoughts of you. you find your way into dreams and memories. you're a cocaine..

invading my senses.. i try to resist but my mind stays explicit.. on fire.. intrinsic..

how is this? when'd i lose control? in an instant? it must be the distance..

you are a cocaine.

sometimes, i talk to me: "why are you afraid? because of the circumstances you create? i wish it was different but hey, it's too late..

you seal your own fate. you live and you lay in YOUR bed that YOU make. and you'll make mistakes.. but its best that you learn and move on, for your sake."

so i've messed up my bed, all laid out, in my head linger thoughts of these things that we did.

if i told you all this, would you see me the same? would you laugh in my face or would opinions change?

would the vibe of your tongue shift when you say my name?

all of this is making me feel so damn strange..


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