Comfort Zone

To tell you what is on my mind would be revealing a large & vulnerable piece of myself
The words are there, but trapped. They can't escape, so here I dwell
in the abyss that is Silence. I'm deep in thought, nearly a trance
Accepting what it is, what it could be...I've left it up to chance

The reality of the situation is, I believe I'm in a dreamworld
of pretty colors, happy fantasies...where love always unfurls
But I wonder if I choose to dwell simply cause it's so nice
I do it all despite preferring daytime over night

However...what would it be like?

Are these thoughts I always hope for my daytime? Or deeper night?

I'm not depressed or lonely. I'm not falling in love
Just wondering what is, what could be, and what it was

The shit's really got me stuck.

So I sit here..


And I wait..

And I wonder..


Housing a deep desire for the truth to be unraveled somehow
I'd probably wait forever, but I'd like to know right now..


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