Gender Roles


Looks fine to me.

In class today we discussed gender roles and how more women are working and more men are opting to help out around the house more. One guy explained that because we were 'trained' to take on certain gender roles from birth we can't help but take on our roles assigned by society. However, that sounds like an excuse to me. You're perfectly capable of changing a damn diaper and cooking dinner just like I'm capable of changing oil and mowing the damn lawn. If you're so aware of the gender roles, why can't you change them?

Most gay people were not 'trained' to be gay. Some were raised to be masculine or feminine, and end up playing the opposite role. Why can't you get your ass up and take care of the kids one day while I take out the trash & all that shit? I'm pretty sure most women would accept the switcheroo here and there.

I grew up in a household that never knew gender roles. My parents split the bills evenly (you take gas, I'll take cable, etc.) They both cooked depending on who was or wasn't home to do so. They get up on Sunday morning and cook breakfast and clean the house together. They work on the yard together. They handle business together. The only thing I know of that was seperate was my dad working on the cars, but that wasn't based on gender in my household. My dad just happened to enjoy working on cars and he likes to change the oil and rotate the tires. He's taught me how to do it, so I don't see it as a 'man' thing. Also, regarding me, my mother handles all the finances but that's only because she insists on doing so. My mom handles my needs and my dad handles any luxuries on top of my needs. For example: My mom bought my car, and my dad put the rims, tint, customized plates, etc on it.

Personally, I'd prefer a household similar to my parents'. I wouldn't want my husband at home, but I wouldn't want to be sitting on my ass at home either. I'm more of a submissive type when it comes to relationships, so if my husband preferred, I'd fall back a little as far as expenses if his income could cover everything. However, I'd have to contribute somehow. I have to feel as though I'm contributing financially somehow. If anything, depending on how much income my husband makes, I'd take some time off work when I have a child, and start my own nonprofit organization or something that provides substance and worth into my life, such as a youth center. I just can't see myself completely falling into society's idea of what a woman should be doing, y'kno?

Thoughts? How do you feel about gender roles?


  1. I think you're absolutely right. At one of my old jobs, a lady worked there in the evenings when her husband got home from work and that was their arrangement. He worked during the day and took care of the kids at night. She sold Avon and worked part time.
    Especially in these times where money is tight all over, everybody should be taking up a role. Nothing should be one-sided. I believe in balance. As long as there is balance, screw what society or anybody else thinks. BOW.


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