Miss Under Stood

I feel like too often I am judged entirely too much. I'm sure everyone else feels the same way, but I have to say that personally, I'm SICK of it. Too many times, no matter how much positivity I expell onto you mafukkas, you all continue to insist on dwelling in the few things I do that you may find negative, or buy into lil rumors and things that you hear about me. (Which I WILL address one day, but that's another blog.)

Think about it: I mean I may get a handful of people who actually take the time out to read my blogs and my more insightful tweets and get an idea of what's in my heart and mind. To you all, I say THANK YOU! The fact that you read and give me feedback, either in the comments section or through Twitter, means a whole lot to me. More than you all can ever know. I TRULY appreciate it.

I understand that this side of me can get boring and annoying at times. I'm human...and all humans have many different sides. For instance, I like to go on webcam and talk to yall about serious issues, but guess what? When I tell yall about it, you refuse to tune in. OH but when I say "HEYYY I'm drunk and/or with friends chillin 'Might don't make it!' Come thru!" Yall all over that shit. When I say "Sex Education 101 ask me anything" yall all over that too. I mean I honestly don't mind you all tuning in regardless. I personally believe that I am quite the entertainer while intoxicated, and I feel like I can do a sex convo in a tasteful way...there's nothing wrong with that. However, when I see that I'm being labeled some dumb drunk bimbo whorebag...LOL it's like what in the Sam Hill are yall talkin about? Where were yall when I was discussing the Derrion Albert situation? Or the conflict between the King children? Or the controversy over the Obama 'Back to School' Speech? Or when I write my poetry about personal conflict with matters of the heart? I try and show every part of me...but only seem to have one label.

To that I say...fuck yall. Suck the entire circumference of my ass.


I am more. I just wanted to put that out there. I am a 24 year old woman. A daughter. A big sister. A little sister. A teacher. A student. A volunteer at a children's homeless shelter. I am looked up to by 40 little joyous faces who don't care about the crazy and/or negative things I've done. All they care about is what Miss Essence has to teach them, and part of that is what I've learned dealing with you all (the internet world) and real life...growing up and being grown. Passing on what I know to them so they won't have to learn the way I did.

Back in the day, when I really started gettin into this internet stuff, the things that you all had to say about me REALLY bothered me. Like to the point of tears bothered me.

On top of that...the majority of you all want to throw jabs at me without me seeing it. Believe me shawty, I've ALWAYS seen it. I'm too grown to acknowledge folks who aren't man or woman enough to address me directly. Pussy bitches.

Most of all...nearly every single one of you have me pegged all wrong. ALL WRONG. If you aren't going to get the story straight from me, then you and your judgments and negativity are insignificant. Period. Who are you again? lol.

Now, I just laugh, shake my head & brush the shit off. I get my mafukkin degree on 14 December 2009 at 6:30pm at the mafukkin Georgia DOME and yall can't tell me NUTHIN! :: Kanye Voice ::

None of you have stepped into every footstep I've created on this journey known as my life. The majority of yall haven't even seen one imprint. The only one who has is God and He's the only one that matters. And because I now put all my faith and trust in Him, He is the one I seek when I need answers. Before it used to be yall...everyone around me. Now that I'm smarter, you all don't bother me anymore. You all don't make me look in the mirror and think differently about myself based on the things you say. You all are not hurting my feelings. Most of all, I fear NO ONE on this Earth! That is definitely to be understood.

I am rubber you are glue! (LMAO it's corny but it works)

Now...with that said I'm going back to my regularly scheduled program.


  1. Ya know the sad thing is that even with it all out in your blog some people still won't get it. Truth is some people don't have either the capacity or willingness to understand some things. So for their shortcomings they feed off of drama and negativity. This is a country getting more and more desensitized each day and people have to go further just to "feel" somethin. The worse they feel about themselves and their lives, the harder they have to go.
    They don't even understand someone like you who can be different things. Some people don't have the balance to be classy in actions, but talk sex openly, or be debatable in many subjects and still listen to the dumbest rap music. People will judge what they don't understand. Which is a shame in your case when you're TELLING people what to understand. Some are just idiots and lame so their "thoughts" (if we can call it that) don't even matter. But then you want to say something to them so they're not making someone else deulsional.

  2. "To that I say...fuck yall. Suck the entire circumference of my ass." haha That was funny gnr gnr gnr

  3. check your facebook and look for the email


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