Pictured: Tila showcasing all of her talents.

I'm sorry. I generally like to give people the benefit of the doubt as often as possible but Tila Tequila.. shut the hell UP!

I was following her once. I honestly think she's an awesome person. She just runs her mouth tooooo much! The first time I'd heard about her was waaay back in the day. I read about her on a magazine interview (King, I think). She was telling some story about how someone had pissed her off and she'd beat that ass, and I remember thinking that was awesome cuz she mentioned how tiny she was and I always love to see someone represent for the short folks! lol Plus I respected how she built what she had off of Myspace alone, pre-Soulja Boy, if I'm not mistaken..

Anywho, a couple years later is when her show came out and I was really into the first season. Second season.. not so much. Also, I love her song "I Love You." That's my ish.

So naturally, I followed her on Twitter when I first got the account because I wanted to see what she was about..

What I found was a chick who would not, under any circumstances, shut the FUCK up!

Make it stop.

It's not just the excessive tweeting. That I can deal with, because as you all know I am definitely an excessive tweeter myself. It's the content of her tweets that irk the shit outta me.

This chick produces more shit than an asshole and backpedals more than Sarah Palin on a Diamondback. Unbelieveable.

I can even feel her with most of the stuff she talks about. For example, Shawn Merriman. I understand wholeheartedly about someone getting in a domestic dispute. I've had my own domestic situations, and I also have friends that have been through that too. However, after awhile shit just stopped sounding like she was sincerely hurt. It really started sounding like she was hell bent on stretching this and staying in the news as long as possible. I could be wrong, I'm just saying. When all you want to do is make little stupid petty jokes and tweet over and over and over and OVER again that you have lawyers that's gonna handle the situation and generally just repeat yourself over and over again.. I mean I start to wonder how genuinely interested you actually are in seeking justice from "allegedly" getting that ass beat and how much you just want to stay relevant. I am JUST saying. Like I said, I could be wrong. That's just how it looks to me.

I have since unfollowed her, but I saw some folks in my timeline talking about her latest rant, so I went to check it out. What compelled me to write this blog is what she's been talking about today. Shit, she's probably still talking about it right now..

Apparently Rihanna said something about her on a radio show. Something about wanting to be able to turn her off if she had a magic remote, cuz Tila was talkin shit about her..

And now it's like.. she's off on a never-ending tangent! I don't get it! Folks talk shit about me all the time. It's cool to address it, but then say a prayer and let it go! Sheesh.

OMG. Why is your mouth still open?!

What kills me is that back when this Merriman shit was goin down, she was all on Rihanna's inner labia and completely bashing Chris Brown cuz of that incident. Now she's all "Team Chris" cuz Rihanna lightweight dissed you? CB shouldn't have a damn thing to do with any of this at all. If you had a problem with him because of domestic violence, you shouldn't forgive him just because the alleged "victim" said something about you. Talkin bout "Love you.." Sit down. It's like she's trying too hard. Doing TOO much.

I just cannot stand people like that. If you ask me, she seems like she's just starting stuff to stay relevant within the industry. I can't rock with that. Put more time and energy into your music or bustin your ass on couches & poppin a tittie out or whatever the hell it is you're doing with your career. Beef is 2000-LATE. Even Jeezy and Gucci squashed their shit. 2010 is about peace, dagnabbit.

And I'll go on to say this: I have no REAL issue with Tila Tequila. Her behavior just irks me. People in general who are LIKE that just.. IRK me. And yall know me: I can't help but clown a little bit. I am not about starting shit. I am about speaking my mind. Honestly I'm just hoping she tones it down. I think that she could be just as awesome and successful without all this EXTRA shit she's doing. Continue to entertain your fans, but leave the wack beef shit out. It's for the birds. Let's focus on being a better person, saying a prayer, and let God deal with it. Amen.

OMG. Thank you.. SO much.


  1. You have no idea how you and I are on the same page with this. I cant stand that Brat Doll look alike!!


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