Welcome to the Essence of Essence.

My name, as you've probably already guessed, is Essence. Currently I attend Georgia State University pursuing a Sociology degree which I will have by this December (knockonwood) WOOOO lol. I'm a part time waitress and full time internet addict. I also am very passionate and feel as though I have a lot to say. And I USED to say it through various journal entries and the art of poetry, etc. But I stopped a long time ago.

Sooooooo I think that I've kinda lost touch with a part of myself when I stopped writing, and I feel like I need to get it started again. PLUS I also think that people have misconceptions about me. I, like everyone else, am constantly judged and I'm hoping that a better understanding of me will be gained through this blog. I'm also hoping I will have the time to keep up with this blog regularly. I feel like I veered off a path I was on and decided to turn around and get on the one I was travelling previously. For those that decide to step on with me, welcome to my life.


  1. i look forward to the journey fellow essence. and when you get a chance check out www.innate-essence.blogspot.com i haven't updated it in a few weeks, but good poetry lives there :)

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