Misconceptions about Military Families (We ain't Rich!)

I am an Army brat, born in Germany and have been in a military family until 2005, when my dad finally retired lol. He did 23 years and my mom did 12 years. So I know a lil bit about military life.

How many people think that military people are all friggin loaded and are just dumbstupid ballin outta control? WELL ladies and gentlemen, I have news for you: you are dead WRONG, my friends. The truth is, yes, military people do get paid SLIGHTLY better than your average fast food employee... (NO diss to fast food employees. I myself worked at Burger King for years.)

HOWEVER..if we aren't smart with our money, we could easily end up in the poor house.

Some of you reading may have been to my crib in North Atlanta before and people swear up and down that we're rich. The fact that my parents are retired military seems to drive the point home, but let me tell you something: my mother worked her ASS off for me. I know plenty of military people that would spend that check up on nonsense and are living check to check because of it. My parents save their money, pay EVERY bill ass SOON as they get it, and splurge here and there when they have the extra money to do so. Damn near everything in our house we've had forever. Some furniture that's in there has been there since I was a baby. The only excessive spending I think is done is by my dad and his vehicles. He LOVES his cars, BUT he doesn't buy the expensive brands like Lexus, BMW, etc. He'll buy something like a new Toyota Camry and will put nice rims & tint & shit on it...make it LOOK like a damn Lexus. lol.. In short, because of my parent's hard work, we are able to live comfortably. We're not RICH, but we're comfortable cuz we're smart. Most of us, anyway.

Oh yea and my ass is just all the way broke.

But anyway as I was sayin, the majority of people in the military have the mentality of my parents because that military instills that discipline in them. They HAMMER that shit into their heads! DISCIPLINEDISCIPLINEDISCIPLINE!!! And FOR the record, if you all had that same discipline, you could live the same way. Be responsible, THAT'S the key to living comfortably.


  1. That's some real talk. Most folks do whatever to keep up with the Joneses'. You really do have to be smart with your money just like everything in life and you can live a comfortable lifestyle.

  2. i agree with you 100% i grew up as an air force brat and my parents to have a nice home, new car and live very comfortably, people see my parents house and think i'm balling outta control too cause i have nice things in my place as well and i spend a lot of time with my family so they think my parents spoil me and buy all my nicer items. so not true, i'm 25 and have been on my own for years. my parents taught me the values of discipline and hard work and as a result i have things to show for it. the problem with black culture is we get so caught up in fleeting things such as clothes and d pretending to ball that we don't save for the things that really matter in life. Owning property , stocks and bonds, 401k ensuring the future and that when you pass you leave something to your family beside a pile of debt. this was a good read love :)


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