BITCH...check ya MAN, not me.

I get so sick and tired of hearing females yellin & screamin about 'beatin this bitch ass' because HER man fucked the chick. Has it ever occured to you that yea...that man...over the ONLY one you need to be mad at? Walk with me here:

Say you had, like...50 chicks all going after your man at the same time, and your man was willingly fucking all of them. Are you REALLY ready and willing to fight all those bitches? Like seriously...think about it. I mean what do you think you're doing? 'Protecting' your man? Psh, whatever.

NOW say that you checked your man and did all the shit you're supposed to do as his woman. Now, when these 50 bitches are all in your man's face, he's brushing them all off like 'Nah, I got a girl.' OMG look at that! You don't have to do a DAMN thing because your man is doing wtf he's SUPPOSED to be doing as your man in the FIRST damn place!!! Way easier to check ONE man instead of 50 bitches that you probably don't even know, right? Right.

NOW say that you are doing everything you're supposed to be doing as his woman and he's STILL fucking the 50 bitches. Know what that means? He's an ASSHOLE and he doesn't deserve you. Chunk up the deuces and find someone who does. It is STILL not necessary to try and fight the 50 bitches cuz regardless of what you do, EVEN if you beat them all to the ground, he's still gonna let the 50 bitches fuck if they wanna, cuz he's an asshole. PLUS he's laughing at you on the inside, and feeling sumn like a pimp.

LEAVE. You'll feel better. I promise.

Cuz at the end of the day, you fighting over your dude like that makes you look DUMB. And all you're doing is making HIM feel like a fucking king and boosting his ego, while destroying your own.



  1. You are only to fight to protect your family. BF can be replaced. Not worth it.....GottiBoy


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