When my aunt came to visit us a few months ago, she was asking me about what I wanted to do after I graduated college (December `09 WOOOO). I told her that I wanted to work in youth services, mentoring and counselling youth...especially underpriviledged and troubled youth. She went on to tell me about her job (a govt. job...I think she works for the FBI somehow) and how she made really good money. She was telling me that she would help me get a job like hers if I wanted to opt out of what I was doing, because her job pays WAY more money, and I should shoot for more money. I wouldn't really like the job, but I would be striving for financial independence & stability, which is, ultimately, more important.

That may be rational for her, and I definitely respect that, because she IS doing very well right now, but I just cannot do that. I am the type that if I don't like what I'm doing, more than likely I'm just NOT gonna do it very well LOL. Ya'll see me on Twitter just last night talking about how much I hate writing papers that I'm not interested in. It took me like 4 days to write a 500 page (page and a half) essay and I bullshitted through the whole thing lol. If I LOVE it, I'ma put 200 million percent into it, and to me, the rewards I will get taking a part in ensuring that our children will grow into a greater generation of adults are FAR greater than money. It just is what it is. As long as I am able to live comfortably and provide for my fam, that's all I need. I don't NEED a lavish life.

Luxuries are cool, but they have proven time and time again to be evil. When we allow greed and money to drive us, that's the devil working. (NOT calling my aunt greedy or evil. I do NOT think that way about her and I love her SO much. Just visited her like 2 weeks ago.)
Not calling Souljaboy evil or greedy either. I'm jus sayin.

If you put your all into what you LOVE to do, regardless of the money it brings in, it's bound to pay off anyway.

But that's just my opinion. What do you all think? Strive towards happiness despite money or money despite happiness?


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