Pants on the ground.

Yass, hunny.

No other way around it: I am officially OVER the baggy pants. Done. There is nothing fashionable, in my opinion, about having to stare at your saggy boxer briefs. Every day, I see men in the streets with their shorts looking like high waters, or their skinny jeans gripped tightly around their thighs, tripping over themselves. It's fucking pathetic. An even bigger pet peeve for me is when they have the audacity to wear belts with them.

Speaking of skinny jeans, I don't even understand how black boys came up with a way to sag in those things. Now I actually like skinny jeans better than baggy, but how are you going to buy pants that are too tight and THEN pull them down so the world can see your ass? I'm flabbergasted.

What the hell?

You know what else grinds my gears about baggy pants? Both when the underwear doesn't match AND when a dude takes the time out to make sure his draws match the rest of his outfit. (o.O)

It started to bother me in high school. My ex-fiance used to rock his pants 2 or three sizes too big and teeter-tottered side to side when he walked, and I found it SO annoying. What used to irk me even more is that he wore belts, but never tightened them. I used to bug him every day about pulling his pants up so he could walk straight, but my words always fell upon deaf ears.

The last straw for me was when started seeing parents dress their children this way. I've seen 2-year-olds come into my job with diapers, their pants to their knees and no belts. I can understand you wanting your kids to look "cool" like you, but what a lot of folks don't seem to understand is that these kids.. even as old as 5 years old, are still learning how to walk. Most adults who start sagging in their teenage years are going to end up with hip, leg, arm, and joint problems by the time their in their 60s or 70s. Babies who start sagging as toddlers will end up with lifelong problems, and parents will be sitting wondering why they're neck deep in medical bills. Buy a damn belt!!

I love CB.. BUT..
I was having a discussion with some of my coworkers not too long ago about this subject. Most of the women that I work with are older women.. mothers with kids my age, or at least high school and older. I provided some insight on behalf of my generation, since most men my age are into this baggy trend. One of the most shocking ideas that I revealed to my district manager was this: In this new world where homophobia and closed-mindedness is so widespread, especially amongst the Black community, it's funny how one of the main excuses Black men give for NOT pulling their pants up is "That's GAY." It's sad to think that nowadays guys think it is a homosexual act to pull your pants up to waist level and tighten your damn belt so that they won't fall below the waist. Since when is letting your pants hang down and showing your draws (and possibly the back of your thighs, cuz those draws ride up) NOT GAY?? Or what about when you let your pants sag with the fitted v-neck tees that only goes to your waistline? And with your pants down to your knees, the front of your draws are exposed as well, and that little hole in the front opens and closes as you walks.. showing your dick off to every man and old white Christian lady on the street?

OR What about boxer briefs? You sag and show that ass off in tight ass spandex-y draws.. but if someone comments on it THEY'RE the ones that are gay? But in the same breath you don't want us women to complain about men looking at us like a piece of meat when we wear a tight dress because we "knew what we were doing when we put the dress on?!" FUCK outta here! How do you think that ass looks to a gay man bruh?

DL men walk by and find this yummy, hunny.

Bottom line is: I can't get with this baggy pants trend anymore. It keeps evolving but won't fucking go away. Blackfolk, you have the power to end this. Make it stop.

And I leave you with some words from a very, very wise man. Take it away, General Larry Platt:


  1. I'm with you on this blog post girl. It irks me everytime I see them. Guess they didn't get enough home training. It's a damn shame! smh


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