Birthday Blues

I'm riding on a rollercoaster, life is never ending. Thinking I've reached a turning point and finding the beginning.

Thought there was triumph just to find that I was never winning. I'd like to stare into your eyes.. what message am I sending?

So up and down I go.. I want to smile, I want to cry I want to scream I want to sing I want to sit and wonder why

How did this ride I'm on spiral into a tunnel of disguise? I need a blue sky to study.. need to learn what "up" is like.

The world is cold. I just long to ascend into the sun, but I've heard that the sun burns, and if I burn I will be done.

Life is good and it is bad.. then it's great and then it sucks. Need to centralize my heart and mind and soul.. right now they're stuck.

Working to epitomize all that I want to be. Though I'm happy with myself, I know that I can change some things.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

I love B.B. King. Check out "Happy Birthday Blues"


  1. let me make a comment and support since no one else did smh. who you talking about hmm lil one? nice one


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