I need a hobby..

Part of this whole "lack of fulfillment" thing for me is the mind-numbing repetitiveness of being forced to do the exact same thing day in and day out. Go to work, go home, entertain the baby, go to sleep, repeat. Find a place to occupy the baby's time on weekends. It sucks, in all honesty. This is the reality of it.

My fiance is always telling me that I can do anything I want to do and be successful at it, and I'm always telling him that I don't have anything I really enjoy doing. However, in retrospect I guess there are a whole lot of things I like doing.

One of those things is wine. I like to have wine.

Actual photo representation of Sidney and I. #Goals

For my birthday this year, I went out to Tennessee and experienced my first wine-tasting. Five bucks for a glass and a myriad of wines to try. Can't beat it!

I was surprised and excited to learn that wine is made with many different types of fruits besides wine. This should have been obvious now that I think about it, but the thought never occurred to me. I tried wine made from apples, muscadines, cherries, and blueberries. Some of those wines were even more delicious than wines made from grapes!

I started to do some research and learned you can even make wine with veggies and flowers, if you wanted. The possibilities are endless.

So, I have decided to learn how to make wine in my spare time. It's surprisingly easy, albeit time-consuming. I read up on the process and watched a lot of YouTube tutorials. (YouTube can teach you anything. Who needs school?) Then, I ordered a kit off of Amazon and started the process.

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The point of this post was do document this new journey I'm taking. If there is anyone interested in how I made the wine, I'll post my step-by-step process, but other than that I'll just let you know how it goes over the next few months. You have to allow the wine to ferment for at least 4 months before you can drink it so I'll talk to ya'll about it then! In the meantime, I ordered a couple more jugs ("carboy" is the technical term) so that I can experiment with a few more batches made with different fruits. I started with strawberry, and now I plan to try blackberry, blueberry, and possibly mango! I'll keep ya'll posted!


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