Welcome Back!!

The title of that post is for me as well as for you.

What can I say? I haven't visited this place in a long time, but it feels good to be home! I started this blog at a time when I felt lost. When I needed to speak and no one was around to listen. This blog, along with YouTube and Ustream, was my therapy. Once I started to get lost in other things, the desire to write kind of left me.

My last post was January 2011.

So now here I am, almost 6 years later, thankful that my blog wasn't deleted or that I didn't forget my password or something, because I am lost again. I need this again. I need a new journey and I need to document my steps.

So here I am.

Not sure what direction I'm now going in with the revamping of my blog, but I guess I can start by talking about where my life is now. But I'll do that later.

For now, anticipate new posts. If, for some strange reason, you've been hanging around for the last 5 years and some change waiting for the day I post again, God bless you. lol.

If you've never read a blog of mine or watched a YouTube vid, feel free to peruse the old posts of this blog and/or check out my old YouTube vids here.

And welcome! .. or welcome back.


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