We can do better, but we don't.

So I'm sitting here watching this awesome episode of Oprah where she and a bunch of other people are addressing the fucked up American educational system. There was a big announcement buzzing around the media that has just been confirmed by the Democratic Mayor and Republican Governor of Newark, New Jersey and Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder and CEO of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is giving $100 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS towards the effort of improving the struggling schools in Newark. He wanted to remain an anonymous investor, but Oprah herself, along with the politicians involved, convinced him to identify himself as the investor publicly in hopes that other rich & wealthy folk follow in his footsteps.

And as I watch this I'm watching my mom cry.

It's definitely a beautiful thing. As a teacher myself I've been waiting for the rest of the world to obtain the same dedication as me to improve the lives of these children. But on top of all that there's another reason why my mom is crying.

Let me first tell you about what I've learned about Mark Zuckerberg. He started Facebook while a student at Harvard, right? Now he has a net worth estimated at $6.9 billion. Not 6.9 million.. BILLION. Oh, and he is 26 years old.. just one year older than lil' ol me.

NOW the 6.9 billion dollar question: What do you think black folk would do with that kinda money?

The answer is another reason why my mom is crying.

Black folk with millions of dollars spend it on stupid shit like ridiculously expensive cars, clothing, jewelry, and unnecessarily huge houses. Zuckerberg just showed his home to Oprah's cameras. That man lives in a house with his wife that looks smaller than MY HOUSE.

And not to say that rich people of other ethnicities don't also do the same thing, but what I'm saying is I get tired of folks in Black entertainment always talking about putting on for his or her city. A LOT of them say that but at the end of the day all they're trying to do is rep. Their idea of putting on for the city is getting their local football team's logo tatted on their necks. And I'm sorry but it's more than buying turkeys for a neighborhood on Thanksgiving or helping serve the homeless on Christmas. Mark Zukerberg is using his wealth to generate REAL CHANGE.

I can only hope that Zuckerberg's donation starts a chain reaction across the United States. A chain reaction of support for our educational system and the children currently engrossed in it. There are a lot of little somebodies around that will be running this country for us one day, and no one seems to care how they do. And I'm challenging the rich black folk to start thinking bigger than haircuts and bookbags and foundations that only include the occasional appearance or concert. Stop waiting until something big happens to jump up and take action. What's been happening here is way bigger than that, reified into a system that's unchangeable. Ya'll can do better.. you just don't. And I think it's selfish, quite honestly.



  1. You're right about rich black folks needing to step up. They have billions of dollars collectively and it seems like most of them are more concerned with the kids in Africa than the kids here in America. Without proper education (and guidance), the black race will never be able to reach their full potential and kids will continue to idolize and mimic the rappers they see on tv. Maybe a few black lawyers and doctors need to make a rap video rapping about how much money they got..LMAO. I'm joking but that would be more than what most of them are doing right now to "help the cause".

    And also regarding education, I think parents need to get more involved. And I don't mean by attending PTA meetings. I'm talking about actually spending time with their kids after work to make sure that their kids are actually learning something. Alot of people fail to realize just how important it is for them to be involved in there kids lives in regards to education. And if parents made more of an effort to help their kids learn certain things instead of just relying on teachers to do everything, kids would be alot better off today.


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