Ineffective Communication

maybe i'm giving off the wrong impression, cuz niggas are guessin i want em no question.. they get to expressin their lust & its stressin me, trust

i don't want you, you, OR you.. should be obvious, dude. what you think i'ma do? fuck? SUCK?? ew..

be conscious of the things that i say. why the one who went & fucked my mind, won't gimme the time of day? worst way to be played..

eh, o well.

i guess..

This says something like: "Despite always losing by knockout, here he was again always ready to fight."

Sometimes our minds tell us what's right and what's wrong for us, and we know in our hearts that our minds are telling the truth. Sometimes, we know right off the bat, and act accordingly. And we feel good.

Then sometimes our minds and our hearts stop seeing eye to eye then things get all out of wack and we don't know what to believe anymore, or even if we can believe ourselves. Who's telling the truth here?? The mind or the heart?

Logic tells us that sometimes the heart coaxes us to do things that we shouldn't, so the best way to stay out of trouble is simply to do what the mind tells us, but what happens then? Void of emotion and spontaneity, taking life one carefully thought out step at a time?

Emotions drive us to follow the yellow brick road. Feels so good. Take that one giant leap in the name of good faith and land on.. who knows? What if we sprint right into a yellow brick wall? That pain runs deeper than the body.. beyond the mind. Straight to the soul and the very fiber of our being.

What if the heart says yes and the mind reserves judgement until after results have occured? The mind waits to say "I told you so" or "Hey.. this was a good idea after all." Only thing is.. when will the results come? Now logic tells you to say "Fuck it" but the heart says "Just wait it out."

You're running towards the edge to take that leap of faith but you've been running forever..

The heart and mind are torn but hold tight to the same presence.. of hope.

Emotions drive us.. and logic keeps us on a straight path to nowhere..

Are we taking a beautiful risk.. or just going insane?


I know this probably seems quite random, but somehow this is how my mind works. It's the way thoughts run through my head.. I just typed as I thought it up. Putting it in front of me and reading it over helps me sometimes. I guess that's why it's so hard for me to find a good "mindfuck." Anyway, feel free to leave your thoughts. I would really like them for this one.


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