I just wanted to take the time out to send out my deepest prayers and condolences to two individuals who's stories have recently touched me, and their families: Marquel Peters and Mitrice Richardson.

Marquel Peters

Marquel Peters was a 4-year-old boy who LOVED going to church. Once he cried because his ride to church was running late and he thought he would miss church that day. Anyway, this new year's eve he and his mother were celebrating the New Year in church when someone shot throught the roof, striking Marquel in the head and killing him. He was his mother's only child, and it doesn't seem like his father was in his life, as I've heard no mention of a father. However, the whole church loves him dearly. I think this story touched me because I have a little brother with the same name (Markel) who passed away (stillborn). Had my brother lived he would've been around the same age as this kid. I feel for the mother.. I know how hard this must be for her. It also pisses me off that no one in Atlanta has really reached out to this woman and this story hasn't gotten the attention that I believe it should. My deepest condolences to his mother. Sincerely.

Mitrice Richardson is the same age as me (24) and was arrested back in 16 September 2009 after refusing to pay a bill at a spot called Geoffrey's Malibu on Pacific Coast Highway. (BTW, I'm doing my research and although the person that called the police on her said that she was by herself, the RECEIPT says "2 guests." As a server, I know that if anything, putting down MORE guest than is actually there does nothing but hurt us, as it lowers our PPA, so we wouldn't do that.) They said she was acting "crazy" and they thought she "might be on drugs or something" during the 911 call. Long story short, for whatever reason police released her with no money, phone, car, NOTHING at 1 in the friggin morning in an area that she wasn't familiar in AT ALL. They claim she wanted to leave and because she was an adult they had to let her go, but THEN they say that doctors that were there evaluated her and claimed she was showing signs of being BIPOLAR. So if they KNEW she might be bipolar why the fuck would they let her go like that???

Later on that night, around 5:30ish in the morning, a guy called 911 and said a girl that fit Richardson's description was sprawled out on his property and when he yelled to her asking if she was okay, she said something to the tune of "I'm just resting." According to him, she disappeared about 5 minutes before he called. She's been missing ever since.

She was in route to pursuing a doctorate degree. She is also openly lesbian, with a girlfriend of 2 years and was aspiring to be a psychiatrist for gay and lesbian people. I also just searched her name on Twitter and lo and behold, but she only has 1 tweet from July.

Shoutout to and for the info on her. Like Marquel, I feel as though Mitrice is also not getting enough attention. And whoever okay'ed her release needs to be shot. My heart goes out to her mother as well, as well as her father, who are working tirelessly to find her. I pray they find her ASAP, and if you are in the SoCal area I'ma need yall to look out for her!!

Mitrice's mugshot and photo of how she normally looks

Both stories absolutely anger me. Marquel's because of the stupidity of whoever was shooting on New Years Eve, and through a CHURCH no less! Mitrice's because of the stupidity of whoever released her. If you do nothing else, ladies and gentlemen, please pray for these two and their families, because they need all the strength they can get.. they need you to lift them up in prayer!

*For more info on Marquel (to send flowers, offer other condolences, etc):

*For more info on Mitrice (rallies, flyers, leave a tip, petition for FBI investigation, etc.):


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