Omarion's New Album!!

As you all know, I was BIG on Omarion a few years ago. So I decided to post this blog for "old times sake" lmao plus I heard and watched the video for his new single "Speedin" and I'm in love with it! I like "I Get it In" and "Hoodie" as well but ya'll know me: I LOVE sangin men! Gotta love a good ballad.

With that said I wanna encourage everyone to go out and buy the album! For TODAY only you can cop it on for the lowlow price of $3.99!! I know yall can afford 4 bucks so go ahead and jump on that, son! I previewed all of the songs and the album is awesome! (My computer has a virus or something so I can't download. I'll be picking it up from the stores later.) If you love good R&B and if you love O this album won't disappoint!
Here is the video for "Speedin." TELL me it aint HAWT!


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