Falling from Grace.

sometimes i wonder if i really am a has been: has been loved yet has been lost again. hasnt been felt since feelings has been in. has been missed back then yet cant win.

to me, love was meant for me to put my all in, but he felt like a dropout.. didn't wanna put his all in. the more i tried to climb, the more that i was fallin. so while he came out on top, i was on the bottom crawlin

you can't tell me i'm no good. maybe i'll give you one up and say i'm damaged goods, but i chose to step my game up, thought it'd be all good. now i'm sittin here thinkin bout it all, and don't feel good.

these words would come out shakey if i spoke them aloud. i'm crying inside. and i'm not proud to expound on the reality of the pain that i've found. i'd be cool if i'd had you around.

how come everybody else's issues are so easy? for everybody's questions i have answers; i have reasons.. but as i drag my burden from season to season it grows and it grows and refuses to cease

God is great but i need Him to feed me these pieces.

where are You now that your guidance is needed?

i'll wait til You're ready, but geez I'm defeated. This puzzle is deep and i just need to reap it.

let it go? or keep it?

really, the answer is simple, but my eyes won't open.


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