Somethin Ain't Right with the World...

So I meant to talk about this a while ago, but I’ve been sooooo busy at school (and these KILLER EXAMS! UGH) that I just introduced my WTSH segment of my blog. But anyway, while I was on my way to school the other day, I heard something on the Frank & Wanda show on V-103 that was so disturbing I had to exclaim ‘OH MY GOD!’ out loud and almost cried. It is a sad, sad day when the spawn of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King (whom Frank Ski called ‘OUR first family’) take each other to court. And the things that I heard…ladies and gentlemen Dr. & Mrs. King have to be turning over in their graves right now.

As it turns out, a bunch of personal items of Dr. & Mrs. King were found, including a collection of love letters mailed between them back BEFORE Dr. King became who he was. Back when he was courting Mrs. King. Apparently, their oldest son, Dexter, wants to PUBLISH these letters, as well as get some book, autobiography, AND movie deals going.

Dexter King.

I’m not 100% of all the details, but the other 2 siblings, Bernice and Martin III, oppose this, and also (if I’m not mistaken) are saying that Dexter was making plans to do these things behind everyone’s back. Now Dexter called in and said that the other 2 knew beforehand, and he would have been willing to sit with his family and discuss everything, but his brother and sister took him to court anyway. Either way, I believe that it should never have come to that.

Bernice King & Martin Luther King III

First of all, I firmly believe that those love letters are no one’s business but the family. Why make that shit public? Of course Dr. & Mrs. King are historical figures and celebrities and all that, but just because you’re famous DOESN’T mean the world has the right to know all your business. That’s why it irritates me to see people hacking into phones and computers and stealing personal info. Apparently drama and secrets help make the world go round, but it shouldn’t.

But back to the matter at hand, for I still haven’t mentioned the most disturbing part in all of this.
Now another lady called in, but I forgot her name. She was in the courtroom when the King children were having their first trial. She is an elderly woman who was a very good friend of the King family back in the day, marching alongside the Kings during demonstrations. She was also the vice-president of the junior NAACP at 14 years old at the time Rosa Parks got arrested. She discussed how hurt she felt watching things unfold in the courtroom, crying uncontrollably because her heart was broken. Apparently Dexter was saying some very disrespectful things to his own sister! Then, she dropped this bomb:

Allegedly, according to her, Dexter King took out a $2 million loan from the KING CENTER! (The King Center is located off of Auburn Avenue in Atlanta. There’s a museum that displays what King went through during the struggle. You can also tour the King’s home and see the gravesites of Dr. & Mrs. King.)

What the heck would Dexter need so bad that he would borrow $2 mil from his parent’s historical landmark? I’ll tell you:

The Bounce.

He opened up the friggin Bounce.


Now for those of you non-ATLiens that aren’t familiar with The Bounce, allow me to enlighten you: The Bounce was a hood ass club, in Bankhead I believe, that closed down some time ago. Now I don’t know about YOU ALL, but something smells mighty STANK about Dexter and those book and movie deals! I obviously can’t voice my complete opinion on the matter, because as I said I’m not 100% sure of everything that’s going on, but I’m just sayin. Dexter smellin STANK.

My interpretation of Dexter King.

Currently he’s living in Los Angeles and is on bedrest because he got into a very bad car accident and has a busted leg, so he called in to the radio station to tell his side of the story after the elderly woman called in.

Of course, I don’t have a front row seat into all of this nonsense, but I DO feel like something just is NOT right here. What do ya’ll think?


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