Look at him...with all his awesomeness.

I'm extremely irritated about the big controversy of the day: Obama's Back to School Speech. I dunno what's going on in other parts of the country, but in the South they actin like Obama is gonna tell the kids to do something crazy and dumb to drop outta school early and having babies outta wedlock or sittin in class not knowing what the fuck the teacher is talking about and cheating on these dumb ass standardized tests to get by. You know...the same shit they been doin.

For those of you who don't know, in GA, Forsyth county is refusing to show the speech in their schools, while some other counties are opting to leave the decision to parents.

All he's going to say is 'STAY IN SCHOOL!!!' This is the type of message we wanna keep from our kids? SERIOUSLY???

I was listening to Frank Ski on V-103 this morning and he made the greatest point ever: I don't recall schools ever asking the parents permission for ANYTHING regarding how to educate their kids...except for field trips! Certainly not what the kids are allowed to watch. They've showed Hitler speeches, other Presidential speeches, even the mafukkin OJ SIMPSON TRIAL! You tellin me we can show our preteen children a live showing of a Black man on trial for murdering a white woman, but we can't show OUR president who is simply trying to put out a message to our youth to STAY in school and PROSPER???? Are you fucking kidding me?

And some of these parents have the most idiotic and juvenile excuses I've ever heard. Like they don't want Obama to influence their kids of his 'socialist' ways. WTF does 'Stay in school' have to do with socialism??? Or that Obama needs to put his complete focus on healthcare reform. YO...seriously? Like my mom said: we finally have a president who isn't taking a 2-week fucking vacation every month and who is actually making moves with more issues than a damn war, and you mad? Obama has touched on more issues since January than Bush touched on his entire term! At least he's taking time off one issue to address another, as opposed to taking a vacation and acting like everything is all hunky damn dory. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!

Honestly, and I hate to play this card, but why don't they just tell the truth? Tell the damn truth: You mad cuz you didn't get the president YOU wanted and now you're being sore losers and making your kids suffer as a result of it. Like Ricky Smiley said on Hot 107.9 this morning, when we got Bush we didn't want him, but we had to suck it up and respect his damn presidency, no matter how much we didn't like it. Like it or not, this is the president we have and you better stand up and support regardless, ladies and gents.

Let's be really really honest, most of this has nothing to do with anything else but the fact that he's Black. And ya'll know me: I avoid the race card at all costs, but like Ricky Smiley said, his speech has nothing to do with public policy or none of that shit. There's no politics at all that they can oppose...all he wants is for the damn kids to stay in school, so what ELSE can it be, ladies and gentlemen??? What the fuck else?

I was watching videos from when Obama was running for president and people were protesting and picketing and others were interviewing them about why they didn't want Obama for president. They had a myriad of DUMB ass excuses that kept getting counterattacked by the interviewers. Even some Democrats said they would rather vote Republican than vote for him! Finally when they ran out of excuses, they just came out and SAID it: 'I just don't want a Black president,' and I think that these dumb ass parents just need to come out and do the same. If you're gonna be like THAT, be HONEST. I'm just sayin.

Buddyyyy when I tell you that people's true colors are coming OUT....and it's a damn shame. Proves the point that racism, prejudice of discrimination never ever went away or got better, it just became waaayyyy more discreet. Up until now people were way more quiet in the ways they discriminated, and the minorities continued to be held back, but we've been made to believe that it's now our fault that we are held back the way we are. Ya'll better wake up.

This whole mess truly irritates me, as ya'll can see if you read my whole vent. LOL I mean come ON....let's do better! Let the man speak it's obvious that he's not doing anything but trying to help this country out!!! Geez when will we finally break these damn barriers down?

I heart Obama eff the haters!


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