It’s the anniversary of my resignation.

This is the life.

God knows it hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been way more exciting than the life I was living before.

Still a long way to go!

Sidney and I are finally settling on a focus for our business and it looks like we will be moving forward soon. I’m very excited about the idea of having something that’s for US: Working our asses off for our family, instead of a boss or a manager at a 9 to 5.

What I’ve learned about starting a business so far is, the process is easier than it seems. Yes you have to have some money and yes it is a LOT of work but to start a small business doesn’t require as much money as one may think. Paperwork seems fairly easy so far. It’s just a matter of how big you want your business to be.

And let me tell y’all something about me: My goal here is not to make some ridiculous amount of money. I want a modest lifestyle. I just want to find something that A) we like to do and B) that the community we live in doesn’t have. Or something they have that we can improve on and do better. I’m good with a small piece of a big pie, as long as my bills are covered.

Oh and here's some news: I'm working again, as a substitute teacher, and I love it! As a sub, you log onto the website to see what teachers have called out, and you choose which job you want to take. All grades pre-K to high school, alternative education, juvenile centers, and children with special needs. You only have to commit to one day a month, but you can also work every day of you like! I love the flexibility of it, and I only have to work like 5 or 6 days a month to cover all of our bills, so it’s pretty sweet.

Me when 5th graders start throwing scissors

Also, Sidney’s mom has started taking the baby to church on Sundays, which gives Sidney and I the chance to go on dates during the day. Most of the time we head to LA and explore a beach. Walk around and window shop. We like to find dope places to eat, and sometimes we seek out a spot for dessert. Being able to have time to ourselves every week has done absolute wonders for my anxiety, and our relationship. Not that we were rocky, but taking some time away from Essence and Sidney the “parents” to focus on Essence and Sidney the “couple” has only served to make us stronger.

Last week marked 1 year since I resigned from my job in GA as a preschool teacher. During that time I reflected on the last year and the things I’ve learned. I’ve learned so much about myself and the things I am capable of accomplishing. Mentally, I was so content with my job and my life in Atlanta that I had completely cast out the idea that my life could be even better. I have pushed myself so far past my comfort zone and my anxiety has spiked higher than ever before.. but I survived it. All of that shxt and I’m still alive. Sitting here writing blogs. I’m so proud of these things my family and I have accomplished so far.
I’ve learned a lot in my relationship. This man I have is the most considerate, supportive person. He pushes me to be better than I am, no matter how annoyed it makes me. He puts our son and me before himself, always. Relationships are hard work and take a profound amount of commitment and REAL love. You both gotta be dedicated to making it work. Period.
I’ve learned a lot about motherhood, and yet I still know nothing. lol. My son is incredibly smart and such a happy kid. He loves music and will sing all day long, anywhere we are. His favorite right now is the Sing movie. He knows every line and every song! We watch it multiple times a day, and I play the soundtrack on my phone when we’re out and about. He loves pasta. And basketball. And Reese’s Cups candy and cereal. And The Beatles, Bruno Mars, Bob Marley.. all types of music. I could talk about him all day! Perhaps another blog.

Moral of the story is: I’m STILL not where I want to be, but dammit I’m enjoying the journey!


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