Road Trip Time!!

First things first, as you can see I changed the look of my blog. I made this blog in 2009 and designed the look myself, back when we were still in the MySpace era and everybody knew how to code before we knew how valuable coding was. Coding has left my memory, unfortunately, so I have to settle for one of the default templates on this site. One of my biggest regrets. lol.

Anywho, back to these life updates.

Motherhood has been very good to me. It's been hard but a transition like the one I've experienced can never come easy. My mind is different. My body is very different. I am a good 20 pounds lighter than I was BEFORE pregnancy. I can't gain the weight back, probably because I'm still breastfeeding. Tummy on fleek but my curves are gone. Hips, thighs, and hindquarters. It's been depressing watching my body change in this way.

Sidney's response has been "You've been complaining all this time about wanting to tighten up your midsection and now it's tight and you still not happy." And he's right. Sidney has a way of putting things in perspective. Sometimes he's a little too blunt for me but I know that everything he says is out of love. I'm still sad about my curves but hey, I asked to tighten up! So I've stopped complaining. I just figure once I finally stop breastfeeding the weight will come back, and maybe this time I'll actually work out so I can stay tight when it does!

Okay next update:

In 2 days, Sidney and I are going to do something incredibly brave:

We are driving to California. With the kid.

I'm scared that my anxiety will be on 100,000 the entire way but we do have a plan.

Baby Sid used to go to bed around midnight. Then we went to California and his schedule changed to midnight Cali time. When we came back to GA, he never got over the jet lag (none of us did) so he's been going to bed at 3am. Then the damn time changed so now it's 4am! He usually wakes up between 1-3pm.

Cali is a 30 hour drive. As long as we leave super early he should sleep the entire drive. We'll stop and get a hotel no later than 3, 4pm and then we'll have the day to find something fun in the city we're in to entertain him, then we'll turn in to the hotel that night and Sidney can sleep while I stay up with Baby Sid.

Sounds good right?

I hope everything goes smoothly.

Oh, and I also got a GoPro so we can document this whole thing. I know people have been asking about my YouTube, so this road trip series will be the first step to an EssenceTV revival. I had to relearn how to edit with iMovie and get familiar with the GoPro so I put together a video of us taking the baby to the park so I could practice. You can view that below!

Let me know if you all have any ideas of the direction I should go for YouTube, as I still have no idea. For now I'll continue to make everything a personal journal. Enjoy!


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