Hello, 2011.

You've been a HELL of a rollercoaster, so far.

As the first month of a new year draws to a close, I'm already feeling like I've been pulled in all kinds of directions, up and down, around in circles, and back again.  E V E R Y  S I N G L E  emotion. I can HONESTLY say.. if this is setting the stage for the rest of the year, then WOW. I'm not sure I can handle all that's coming.


I feel like banging my head against a friggin wall already.

I'm thinking what my problem may be is that things are happening entirely too fast. To much raw info. Too much tea spilling. Good news then bad news then worse news then better news. I feel like I'm running through my present.

This will be my year to delve back into the past, as my homie Shani put it. More than once this year I've found myself looking behind me.. seeing my past in a steady jog.. trying to catch up to me. I find myself slowing my stroll.. I really don't know what I want to happen right now. I'm afraid, honestly.


Scared as SHIT. 

And overwhelmed. I can't deal. So I'm giving it all to God (seeing as though he makes no mistakes) and the two of us are gonna try to work this all out together. 

Scratch that. We WILL work this all out.. together. :o)

I'ma slow down and just walk on faith and just let whatever is happening, happen. So be it.

Doesn't stop the fear, though. But LEGGO any damn way.

What ya'll think?


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