#TeamCelibate over a year and counting..

Quite a bit has changed since my post on celibacy last year, but I'm happy to say that I stuck with it. As of 13 Dec 2010, I have been celibate for a year, and it feels good! Of course, folks try and make me feel bad about it, and although I cared before I don't care now.


I would like to say again.. that my journey to be celibate is just that.. MINE. I do NOT think that there is anything wrong with casual sex. Nobody is a whore simply for being sexually liberated. However I.. with my fragile heart.. know that I personally cannot handle those kind of relationships. My heart ALWAYS gets involved. And for those men (i.e. MOST men) who tend to not have the desire to progress past casual sex, things can get ugly. Friendships have been lost and hearts (mine) have been broken. TOO many times. I want somebody to appreciate my mind FIRST.. accept my heart SECOND while offering his.... and then he can get all the pussy he wants. Anytime. Period.

Do I encourage other women to take this journey as well? Of course.. girls like ME.. who can't handle casual sex.. and you KNOW it. If you can, by all means do what you do.. I envy you a bit, actually.

Now let's hope my journey serves purpose.


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