Black Children are an Endangered Species????

So I just finished watching this ABC News broadcast about the billboards being put up all over (UNDERPRIVILEGED) Black communities that have the face of a Black child with the words "Black Children are an Endangered Species" along with the website "" under it. The billboards were created and put up by Black MEN and are friggin everywhere! EVERYWHERE among Black communities.. POOR Black communities in particular.


If you follow me on Twitter, some of you may already know that I am currently working as a Bus Monitor and Sub. Assistant Teacher at a preschool over in one of Atlanta's more underprivileged areas. I see literally FIVE of these damn billboards up on my route ALONE. Now what's wrong with this picture?? PLENTY. Let me tell you just a couple things:

For ONE.. the statistics on ABC say that Black women were 1.5x more likely to get pregnant and 3x more likely to get an abortion than white women. I say that the issue here is not abortions at all. The issue is Black couples constantly having sex and having babies that they are not financially, emotionally, mentally, ETC ready to take care of. At my job, out of all the emergency contacts that I've seen so far (and I've seen a LOT), not ONE of those children have a mother and father listed that are married.. (have the same last name, etc.) IF they're even together in the first place. A lot don't even have a father listed at all. Sometimes the mother has even taken the liberty of scratching out "Father" and writing "STEPfather" to let it be known that some other man is assuming responsibility for the child (but they're not married, either, so how is he the stepfather??) Do we not see the problem here? Why even have kids? Why even have SEX in the first place??

Which brings me to my next point: These BLACK men are responsible for these billboards up all over the place when 100% of the time it's half the BLACK man's fault in the first place! These billboards are putting the blame totally on the women. WE are aborting our children. Are you serious? These Black men a lot of the time are not even in the damn picture.. why don't you talk to them?? A lot of these men are MIA.. what about ""

Not to sit here and bash solely men for this. As some of you know I've been preaching for us women to step our games up a long time ago and to stop laying down with whomever and mixing up love & lust.. and FEAR. At the same time men need to step their games up as well.

The REAL issue here, is NOT abortion. If we cut off abortion without promoting strong family values and education and hard work ethic all we're going to end up with is even MORE Black children in poverty. Black folks as couples need to learn to love and stick together for better or worse and build strong relationships and have children ONLY after being mature enough and financially, emotionally, mentally (ETC) able to handle it. Then there wouldn't be any NEED for abortion because these kids would be able to live normal comfortable lives in a strong, loving 2-parent household. What the fuck is wrong with these idiots??

Let me say for the record that I am NOT knocking Black families at all. I just think that in some cases Black folk are severely misguided. NObody's trying to fall in love and stay together and work hard to build strong foundations for families they may someday have. We're all living for the NOW and trying to live as lavish as possible with what little money we have instead of saving for TOMORROW and getting that Becky instead of waiting for the right one. It really saddens me, that's all. It SUCKS.

This is why I wanted to be a teacher, youth counselor or social worker. I want to be able to create a better world for these poor kids out here.. cuz a lot of the time these folks aren't doing SHIT but having babies.

STEP your fucking games up and learn to LOVE before some more folks come outta the woodwork and try to make us look even more stupid than we already look.


  1. For all the time you spent ranting about the billboard campaign, maybe you should actually go to the website, You'll find that they DO talk about the abandonment of men. And the abandonment of women by an industry that only cares about making its profit off of abortions. Rant less and learn about the history of the abortion industry and its racist roots. By the way, the campaign is led by Black men AND women.

  2. If you follow me on twitter, Mr. or Mrs. ANONYMOUS, you'll know that I DID say that my rant was based on pure emotion immediately after watching the ABC broadcast which, by the way, did not mention ANY of that. Perhaps they should have a talk with ABC as well. Regardless of what they TALK about on the site their MAIN focus is ABORTION, so I still think they're fucking idiots, because that is not the #1 problem and their billboards should focus on promoting family values and positivity instead of those stupid dark ass billboards they're posting all over Atlanta making the dreariest parts of the city even drearier. I could give a damn about the abortion industry.. I care about promoting strong Black family households so we won't have to worry about what the abortion industry is talking about in the first place!!


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