Reach a Star

I wrote this in about 5 minutes during a class lol.. something that was simply on my mind and I had to get it on paper ASAP.
How do you reach a star?

Do you stand on your toes?

Do you jump up and down and stretch far as you go?

Do you travel farther than a man's ever been

or invent a device that will take you to it?

Should I run and just run 'til I can't anymore?

Should I holler and yell 'til my throat gets too sore?

Maybe setting a trap will sort of coax it down

or if I shoot an arrow it'll hit the ground.

...would it make a sound?

Smoke signal, morse code, or a carrier pigeon:

some words from my heart might make it come on in

If I sit and stare at it for awhile

it'll twinkle at me. That always makes me smile.


what if I simply asked it to come down?

I'd hold it and value it as though it's LIFE

Through all of that work, and all of that strife

I went through to get you, no I'd never let you

believe for a second that I'd ever forget you

But hey.. you're a star. Too far to connect to.

It's cool..

I'll be invisible

..long as I can see you.


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